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Kokuyo Enpitsu Mechanical Pencil - 1.3 mm - Dark Green Body - KOKUYO PS-P101DG-1P
  this pencil is so good..., August 3, 2014
By cru...
this pencil is so good i love it i stole it from my boyfriend and it is mine now its so good the way it slides smoothly across paper like a magnificent ice dancer i am in love with this pencil in fact this pencil and i are engaged to be wed.
Pilot Kakuno Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Soft Violet - PILOT FKA-1SR-SVF
  I just received this..., August 3, 2014
By lisacaostar
I just received this pen a couple a days ago and i can say this is a really really really good fountain pen !!
I have gotten cheap fountain pens for a couple of dollars that aren't interchangeable in ink and i can say those suck alot. Those where constantly leaky and really bad.
But this KAKUNO pen is just awesome!!
I honestly first clicked on this pen because it is just so cute but i later learned after searching the internet that this is such a good pen.
It is a bit messy at times but all fountain pens are like that.
One problem i have with this pen is that it runs out of ink so easily!!
My new cartridge i put in around 6 days ago is already 3/4 out so only 1/4 of the ink is left!
But its really okay for me because the cartridges are cheap on jetpens but if you really like expensive inks well idk if this is a common fountain pen thing but it was just really surprising for me to see!!
Another weird thing that idk if its normal is on the slit of the pen where the ink comes out there is always some leaking out! Apparently its called like ink creep but it annoys me a little haha
but other then that
its a really smooth pen that writes awesomely and i want to get more! yipee these pastels are just rad
Nomadic PE-08 Easy Classification Pencil Case - Black - NOMADIC EPE 08 BLACK
  Awesome light pencil..., August 2, 2014
By joefarid
Awesome light pencil case but a little bulky. The three compartments are fantastic for organising all your stationery but as I said it is a bit chunky and so is ideal if you carry a backpack but not so good for the briefcase or messenger bag. The material is light but still the pencil case does feel like good quality.
J. Herbin Straight Body Frosted Glass Dip Pen - Small - Violet Tint - J. HERBIN H211-77
  I bought this glass pen..., August 2, 2014
By Claire.May
I bought this glass pen together with the gorgeous J. Herbin 1670 Anniversary Edition ink. This nearly opaque, gold-flecked red ink would be a nightmare to clean from my fountain pens, even if only dipped. The glass pen is perfect for for this ink, just rinse it off, wipe dry, and change to another bottled ink in a flash, no messy cleaning job. I prefer this shorter cylindrical shape to the other glass pen shape you offer, the fancy, overly-long, twisted & tapered model which just invites breakage. Only one problem: how to keep my glass pen on my desk without endangering the point? The box it comes in is flimsy. I use a full-length plastic traveler toothbrush holder! The nib is protected and the holder takes up little room lying flat and won't roll away. Without this pen I would not have bought the gorgeous ink. The combination is perfect. Thank you, JetPens, for your stocking of such esoterica and for your amazingly fast service. Ordered on July 30, received August 1, from West Coast to East Coast in three days flat.
Saki P-661 Roll Pen Case with Traditional Japanese Fabric - Dark Red - SAKI 661152
  I originally used this..., August 2, 2014
By sarah.batman.johnson
I originally used this for pens, but I started crocheting and needed a place to keep all my hooks together. This little case is the perfect size, ties up nicely, and looks incredibly cute. I highly recommend it.