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Parker IM Liquid Ink Roller Ball Pen - Medium Point - Royal Blue Body - Black Ink - SANFORD 1750424
  Very nice heft to this..., August 6, 2014
By flatulent1
Very nice heft to this pen. The color, described as Royal Blue, is closer to Royal Purple, but is a deep color and very beautiful. The rollerball refill that came with the pen had burst during shipping, requiring copious amounts of Everclear and q-tips to clean out. In spite of the leakage, and the misnamed color, I love this pen.
Kaweco Liliput Fountain Pen - Extra Fine Nib - Black Body - KAWECO 10000455
  Love, love, love this..., August 6, 2014
By frenchlady
Love, love, love this pen. The extra fine nib is as smooth as any I have used over the years. The size is perfect for travel if you take along some cartridges. I also paired this with the ball point and the Liliput case and I am "good to go"! The customer service at Jet Pens is the best I have ever encountered and a joy to deal with!!!
Kokuyo Campus Student Eraser - For B/HB Lead - KOKUYO KESHI-C100-2
  INTRODUCTION: I've put..., August 6, 2014
By azureflash
INTRODUCTION: I've put this eraser and 9 others (Pentel dust-gathering, light-erasing, black and stein black, Boxy, Pilot Foam, Sakura Foam, Kokuyo B/HB, Kokuyo 2B, Mars Plastic) through a rigorous and extensive series of 8 tests based on my application specifications (0.3mm Pentel Ain Stein B lead with Rhodia paper). The tests were parallel (sustained) erasing, perpendicular (instantaneous) erasing, smudge test (several perpendicular lines), large area erasing, lead-dirty erasing, clumping, finger oil dirty erasing and eraser shield compatibility. Of those tests, the main differences were highlighted in the parallel, smudge, finger oil dirty and eraser shield tests.

REVIEW: This particular eraser, the Kokuyo B/HB, was amongst the best in all test and I found it to be the all-around best performer. Sustained erasing left an evenly and supremely faint line. Instantaneous erasing performance in the smudge test was average, but reliable. Most distinguishing of all, this eraser was utterly unaffected by skin oils and left the crispest, whitest patterns with an eraser shield in a patch of lead-darkened paper.

CONCLUSION: For its extreme reliability and performance which, in my case, surpassed even the venerable Mars Plastic in some cases, I give this eraser the highest ratings as well as my personal recommendation, especially if your operational parameters are similar to mine.
Sailor Clear Candy Fountain Pen - Medium Fine Nib - Clear Gold Body - SAILOR 11-0103-312
  One of the better entry..., August 6, 2014
By wan...
One of the better entry level pens I have, the nib has a solid build, with the sailor ink, it lays out a very solid line. Also really liked the clear body design.
Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen - Medium Nib - Black Plain Body - PILOT 91107
  Just received this pen..., August 6, 2014
By brodbeck.laura
Just received this pen and I love it. Nice weight, writes well. A little finer than I would expect a medium to be, but it's just fine. I love that it comes with a converter for bottled ink; this is a great deal!