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Kokuyo Campus Notebook - Semi B5 - Dotted 7 mm Rule - 30 Sheets - Pack of 5 Cover Colors - KOKUYO NO-3CATX5
  I've been using these..., September 4, 2014
By s.figorski
I've been using these notebooks since the semester started and I absolutely love them! Yes, there are only 30 pages per notebook, but I only take around 1 page of notes per class which means these are perfect. Having only 30 pages make them really light to carry around, too. I can carry all 5 without weighing myself down which isn't the case with most other 1-subject notebooks. They're also the same size as my tablet, so they're easy to slip into a bag with it. I also find the dotted rule to be incredibly helpful. It's really easy to neatly organize my notes, make clear columns, and lists.

Unfortunately, these notebooks aren't easily folded over unlike spiral notebooks. It's not a big deal, but if you're going to write with these, make sure there's enough room on your desk to fit the whole thing. Also, the pages can't easily be ripped out, which means that these are great for notes, but you should carry around some loose leaf paper in case you have to hand something in during a class or have to write a note for someone.
Parker Quink Fountain Pen Ink - 2 oz Bottle - Permanent - Blue Black - SANFORD 3007100
  But what I would do to..., September 4, 2014
By castorag
But what I would do to find one of those old Quink bottles with the little reservoir on the side, where you tip the bottle, set it down, and can fill your pen or cartridge easily without getting your fingers stained. If If I could lay my (inkstained) hands on just one, I'd refill it with this beautiful blue-black forever.
Raymay Pencut Mini Pen-Style Scissors - Violet - RAYMAY SH503 V
  Super cute! my gosh,..., September 4, 2014
By chadowkissed
Super cute! my gosh, and sharp on top of that, I can cut my masking tape perfectly fine! Really happy with it, thinking of buying more, and more colors for my friends ^_^<3
Pilot Acroball Color Ballpoint Pen - 0.5 mm - Violet - PILOT BAB-15EFC-V
  This pen was a pleasant..., September 3, 2014
By Ripley
This pen was a pleasant surprise, as I don't use many ballpoints; I tend to use fine-tipped gel inks. But this Acroball 0.5 has a smooth ink flow, and a fine (but not too fine) line. It fits well in my hand too; some pens are too slim, some too thick, and my handwriting comes out a bit differently depending on the weight and feel of each pen. I would have rated this one a 5, except that the violet ink color is a bit lighter than I expected. But overall a good pen, and I ordered more in other colors.
Sakura Foam Eraser W-80 - SAKURA RFW-80
  So good! And Cheap too!..., September 3, 2014
By msicili1
So good! And Cheap too! Although I like Pilot products, I have to say this Sakura foam eraser is at least two orders of magnitude better than the Pilot Foam Eraser. Very soft, clumps well, and erases many types of pencil lead with ease. I've used it with 2B, HB, and colored pencil lead. I was worried that the colored pencil lead would "stain" the eraser, but no, it erases the colored lead perfectly well. The performance and the price definitely make this my "Go To" eraser for (hopefully) many years to come.