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Uni Jetstream Standard Ballpoint Pen - 0.38 mm - Black Ink - Black Body - UNI SXN15038 .24
  Absolutely a fantastic..., August 10, 2014
By claireserenska
Absolutely a fantastic pen. I used it to the last drop of ink. It writes very smoothly and very finely, as expected. I write very small, but slowly, so I prefer very fine points that do not bleed. I had no problems with this pen. I used to use a Zebra Sharbo X, but as that has been discontinued, I got this as a replacement and in fact prefer it by far. Extremely cost-effective. I am back buying three more (since I did, in fact, use the last drop of ink). The only problem I had was completely negligible: the grip got a bit stretched out by the end there, and sometimes shifted around the body a little. I will update if that was a one-time thing. Otherwise, and excellent purchase that I intend to make again many times in the future.
Zebra Comic Pen Nib - G Model - Chrome - Pack of 10 - ZEBRA PG-6C-C-K
  This nibs are excellent...., August 10, 2014
By acdc.led7
This nibs are excellent. I've been doing tests with several different inks (Pilot documentary ink, Kaimei Lettering Sol and Windsor and Newton Indian Ink) and it works wonderfully with all of them! No wonder why this are the top choice nibs from most professional Mangakas in Japan. We're fortunate that we can count with JetPens to get the chance to draw with this top quality nibs. You can get thick, well defined lines but also makes very thin lines for tiny/extreme details. Just awesome.

One thing I want to share here is that I begin using one nib right out of the box, meaning, without doing any pre-setup to remove the oil coat from the tip and good news, everyone, it worked perfectly since the very first trace! Ink was flowing perfect after using it for 2 hours. Then I took another nib from the cute little box and I did the setup to remove the oil coat with lemon juice and dish soap provided here on the reviews section by bitmavric (thanks a lot for sharing it!) And I don't know if I did the procedure correctly but after using that particular nib for 1 hour I feel like the nib wasn't acting as good as the first nib. I couldn't get those extremely thin lines because the ink flow was either too much or not ink flowing at all! It was kinda frustrating at times. In a few words: I wasn't getting the same precise control compared to the first nib without any oil coat remove procedure.

So yeah I think it will be better to do some doodle tests with this nibs without any pre-setup for a couple hours and if you find that the ink flow is doing good in that time I think it will be better to leave it as it is without applying any kind of weird liquid or burning the nib. Plus, the nib will last a lot longer. Sorry for the lenghty review but I wanted to share this experience because there's not much info about this on the Internet. Cheers from Mexico!
Rotring 500 Drafting Pencil - 0.5 mm - SANFORD 1852305
  I feel uncomfortable..., August 10, 2014
By derekverbrugge
I feel uncomfortable buying a pencil that costs more than $20 when I intend on really using it. That prevents the Rotring 600 from being an edc option for me. Thankfully, the Rotring 500 exists. Everything that you touch on this pencil is made of metal. The mechanism is metal, and the knurled metal grip is very comfortable and secure. Clicking the Rotring 500's mechanism requires more travel than most other mechanical pencils, but it is solid, feels good, and is very satisfying. Lead is held securely by a 3-jawed brass clutch. The black finish is fantastic and pictures don't do it justice. The clip is sturdy and secure, but removing it makes the pencil look funny. Thankfully, I like having a clip on my pencil. The hexagonal body is wider than the grip, unlike the Pentel Graphgear 500, which keeps the pencil from rolling away. I prefer clicking lead indicators, but the lead indicator on the Rotring 500 is secure and clean looking. It looks great paired with its twin, the Koh-I-Noor Rapidomatic.

One note: The eraser cap pictured has the lead diameter imprinted on it, but the cap on the pencil I received has a hole instead of an imprint. I like both styles of cap, but not everyone feels the same.
Kaweco Special N Clip - Chrome - KAWECO 10000722
  I have several Kaweco..., August 9, 2014
By jbt...
I have several Kaweco "Special" instruments and have been looking for this hard to find accessory for some time. I was afraid it might scratch the pen/pencil surface when sliding it on but the excellent construction and deep chrome finish made it possible for a unmarred install. It's a bit ornate but fits perfectly and looks very nice on both the matte black and silver "Special" instruments.
Ohto Promecha 500P Drafting Pencil - 0.4 mm - OHTO SP-504P
  I use the pencil mostly..., August 9, 2014
By joshua.bowlin
I use the pencil mostly for school work (Mathematics Major), and it writes very well. The 0.4mm lead is a great size for writing precisely and with the Uni 0.4 2B NanoDia lead, breakage is minimal (but will still happen on occasion). The main complaint I have with this pencil is that if you drop it and it lands on the tip the pencil becomes useless. I have broken 3 of these pencils in this manner, however, I still find these pencils to feel the best for the type of writing that I do. Other pencils that I've tried and haven't liked as much are the Uni-Shift 0.4mm, Pentel Graph 1000 0.4mm, and the Promecha 1000P 0.4mm.