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Lamy Fountain Pen Z 24 Converter - LAMY LZ24
  Great! I really like..., September 16, 2014
By d17...
Great! I really like buying stuff here. It's really cheaper than others and the delivery is fast.
Rotring 800 Lead Holder Clutch Knock System - 2 mm - Silver Body - ROTRING SO502821N
  Short version: Best...., September 15, 2014
By ama...
Short version: Best. Buy. Ever.

Long version:

Okay, so I don't use drafting pencils to write, I use them to draw and here in Mexico, the easiest drafting pencil to come by is the 2.0mm Mars Tecnico, which I like, but I wanted to treat myself to something better.

So I decided to bite the bullet and fork over my monthly savings to buy this pencil. I had heard a lot about the Rotring brand ever since I got into fountain pens ten years ago, but wow, when I got it in the mail I was blown away when I held it in my hand. It feels so sturdy and it looks amazing in person. The gold highlights are accentuated even more by the powdery silver finish. My first question after seeing it on my desk was "it looks great, but how well does it work?"

One thing to keep in mind is that it is heavy if you're used to plastic and metallic knurled grip pencils. However, like any new tool it just gets some getting used to. I just sketched for about 20 minutes in my sketchbook to get the feel and nuances of it and I was set to go. I've spent 3 hours drawing today and didn't feel any fatigue at all.

One of my main concerns was how much of lead wobble there'd be. My Mars Tecnico when using Dynagraph or softer leads would need some settling in the jaws of the lead drop system. I didn't feel any while using it. I was so shocked by this that I grabbed my BeloMO 20x loupe (which I usually use for my nib grinding) and checked the sleeve up in detail. How can I say it. It's a PRECISE fit. Rotring sure takes their quality to a level well-worth the price.

I don't know if the following only applies to my specific pencil, but my only gripe is that the knurled section easily comes unscrewed with just the littlest twist or use. It's a minor annoyance that I've discovered how to work around, but even that doesn't stop me from loving and using this pencil. So I won't knock it down by one star without any further evidence of this being a widespread thing or something exclusive to the one I own.

Speaking of the knurled section, the crosshatching is quite well done. There's enough roughness there to improve your grip, but not enough to inconvenience you. I guess the closest thing would be some fine grain sandpaper, but that's not doing it justice. Now, I don't usually have sweaty hands, so I wet my fingertips in water, grabbed onto the pencil grip and started doodling. There was some slippage but I still had a good grip on it. Be aware that I really had film of water on my fingertips while using it, so this was an extreme case scenario. I can't imagine someone sweating so much that your fingers are... eww. Just eww.

I'm so happy I bought this product that I'm ordering a Rotring 600 0.7mm this month directly from Rotring (sorry, Jetpens, but international shipping is less expensive from them) and in two to three months' time I'm buying another Rotring 800 2.0mm (if they're still in stock, if not, I think I'll die), leads and erasers directly to from Jetpens to show my support to the company and to make the international shipping worth it.
Pentel Ain Stein Eraser - Black - Metallic Blue Sleeve - PENTEL ZEST10AC
  Ignore the comment and..., September 15, 2014
By jasonjeon96
Ignore the comment and rating this mindless customer wrote about the stock.
That person should write about the eraser, not about the availability.

Now to the real point-
This eraser is GREAT. It is a very good eraser, and no mark of pencil is left after use.
The box that contains the eraser is thick, so it does not wear out easily.
I highly recommend this eraser for anyone to use.

Uni Propus Window Soft Color Double-Sided Highlighter Pen - 4.0 mm / 0.6 mm Twin Tip - 5 Color Set - UNI PUS102T5CS
  Love these! They are..., September 15, 2014
By schufman
Love these! They are definitely still bright enough to be eye-catching, which was something I was worried about before purchasing. They dry really quickly and release the right amount of highlighter liquid onto the paper, so you don't have to worry about soggy paper.
Bonomemo Window Sticky Memos - Ver.2 - BONOMEMO WINDOW V2
  Please restock!! ..., September 15, 2014
By pho...
Please restock!!