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Marvy Le Pen Technical Drawing Pen - 0.03 mm - Black - MARVY 4100-0.03
  This pen is perfect for..., September 6, 2014
By annieshenca
This pen is perfect for drawing tiny little details! Plus the pen tip holds pressure pretty well as I'm the type of abusing my pens a lotwww.

The only down side would be that the ink runs dry pretty fast :/
Kokuyo Beetle Tip 3way Highlighter Pen - Blue - KOKUYO PM-L301B
  Every color is great..., September 6, 2014
By mwcorley0
Every color is great and I haven't had any bleed through. I'm using the Kokuyo Campus paper which is high quality, but even when I'm working with regular paper I don't get bleed through. The colors are vibrant, the shape is completely functional. The Japanese really know how to make some hot sh*t pens and office/school supplies.
Kutsuwa Stad T'Gaal Pencil Sharpener - Green - KUTSUWA RS017GR
  BEST sharpener I've ever..., September 6, 2014
By msredcavi
BEST sharpener I've ever owned - hands down. I use it on my Prismacolor & misc. colored pencils and it works great. The blade is very sharp, and through continued use over 4-5mo. it is still working well! I usually sharpen initially on the #4 setting to shape mostly the wood into a longer point, then dial to #2 as I'm using the pencil to sharpen just the lead. I had been using one of those metal, triangular, 3-hole sharpeners and I am much happier with this one.

Copic Opaque White Paint with Brush - COPIC COPQBRSH
  The white ink is quite..., September 5, 2014
By ebenfatto
The white ink is quite good: fluid, opaque, and pretty quick to dry. (It's not a typical "wite-out" formula with alcohol that evaporates almost instantly.) I like the brush quite a bit. It's essentially a miniature rigger that makes consistent fine, straight lines over 2 inches long from one brush stroke. (Impressive for such a tiny brush.) Very efficient for cleaning up long edges. For more detailed corrections, I use a small sable brush, as I would with any other correction fluid.
Akashiya Sai Watercolor Mini Palette for Waterbrush Pen - AKASHIYA CA250-P
  They are a good shape...., September 5, 2014
By arbuck
They are a good shape. It does say "mini" but didn't give actual dimensions. The palette is 3 1/4 inches wide. Nice shape, but if I had known the actual size, they would have been too "mini" for me.