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Sonic Gripen Pencil Holder - Blue - SONIC SK-112-B
  I've been looking for..., July 13, 2014
By lisaand
I've been looking for one of these after seeing an art teacher of mine use one (not the same type but the concept in general) and I like it. Obviously this item works a lot better with any type of standard sized pencil that's basically down to the stub (or almost at that point—to the point where you can't hold it anymore but still has a couple of uses left in it). The added eraser is a nice little bonus, but I can't say anything about it since I have yet to use the eraser. If you want to use your old pencils down to the point of no further usage, this item is a saver.
Stabilo EASYergo 3.15 Mechanical Pencil - Right Handed - 3.15 mm - Orange - STABILO 7892-3-1HB
  I'm the type of person..., July 13, 2014
By lisaand
I'm the type of person who needs to use pencil grips on my pencils because I tend to grip my pencils way too hard which results in my hand hurting after awhile. This pencil has a very good grip and I love the color. I have yet to grip it too hard to the point where I need to rest my hand which is very good. I'll be using this for sure in September for my senior year of high school. I recommend this to anyone who either grips their pencils too hard or can't get a decent grip on their pencils. I've found that the lead does wear down kind of quickly after being freshly sharpened so depending on what you're using this pencil for you should have the sharpener around; and I love the thickness of the lead and how it doesn't break like the thinner types always did..this lead seems like it'll last longer since all you have to do is sharpen it. I even had a friend of mine contemplate purchasing one of these since she has problems with gripping pencils.
Pilot Petit1 Mini Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Clear Blue - PILOT SPN-20F-CL
  The tip of the pen is..., July 13, 2014
By lisaand
The tip of the pen is a bit too scratchy for my taste..if I write very quickly I'm afraid that I'll end up tearing my paper. The pen is very small and the ink is a very nice color, however. With a bit more practice, I'll be using this pen at school.
Pilot Iroshizuku Ink - 50 ml - Fuyu-syogun Winter Shogun (Light Cool Gray) - PILOT INK-50-FS
  A great blend of black..., July 12, 2014
By romevi86
A great blend of black and blue. I’m a use of many black inks, but I like to broaden my spectrum for other uses, such as correcting my story drafts. While this one necessarily isn’t blue, since it’s more of a light gray, there is some hint of blue there, and it’s a very pleasant and non-distracting color.

However, I unfortunately am not a fan of this line of Pilot’s inks as they tend to be too watery for my taste.
Lamy Safari Fountain Pen - Extra Fine Nib - Charcoal Black Body - LAMY L17EF
  I am a somewhat new customer..., July 12, 2014
By katieperez862
I am a somewhat new customer and already HUGE fan of! I have enjoyed everything so much I have purchased, especially my brand-new Lamy Safari (charcoal) with EF nib. Itreated myself for my five-year quit smoking anniversary this last 4th of July with my new pen! I only wish I had bought some blue cartridges. I did also buy a Lamy Z-24 converter and am using it with some Quink black ink I have been using in my Esterbrook pens, for a long time. I have to say the converter is for me so much easier to use than the lever/bladder kind. But Esterbrook pens still have a place in my heart. But my Lamy is front and center. One morning recently I woke up to get ready to come to work and discovered my Lamy Safari still clipped to the neck of my nightgown from the evening before! I look forward to trying different inks. I will probably go with Pelikan Royal Blue. I explored the reviews people wrote and looked at the ink comparison feature on your website.