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Pilot Juice Gel Ink Pen - 0.5 mm - 12 Color Set - PILOT LJU-120EF-12C
  I bought these for my..., July 10, 2014
By jasminsmiles316
I bought these for my planner and I am in love! The colors are vibrant and they write so smooth. The ink dries pretty quickly so they won't smear. I will definitely be ordering these again.
Uni Propus Window Soft Color Double-Sided Highlighter Pen - 4.0 mm / 0.6 mm Twin Tip - 5 Color Set - UNI PUS102T5CS
  These are the best highlighter..., July 10, 2014
By ego...
These are the best highlighters on the market. I have tried so many highlighters in my search for the perfect ones, and these are them. I always come back to these highlighters. I tried the Zebra Mildliners, many of the pilot line, many sharpie highlighters, even many different uni highlighters, but these are the best. The Propus window line, in general, will not bleed through the pages, but with these softer colors, the chances of bleed through are even less. The colors are great, especially the reddish-pink, the golden-yellow, and the aqua color. I got the Propus VIEW highlighters before because I loved the way they looked, but those can't hold salt to these.
Rotring 800 Drafting Pencil - 0.5 mm - Black Body - SANFORD 1904447
  Throughout most of my..., July 9, 2014
By dashlambda
Throughout most of my life I've used wooden pencils and cheap mechanicals, and because of that I've always hated pencils. Really, really, really hated them.

Anyway, my use of gel pens and erasable ink pens was stomped on when I started doing things like math and drawing schematics where a pen was simply not viable, so I started looking for a good pencil. I started using a Zebra and I was okay with it, not especially bad but not amazing either. I ended up getting endlessly annoyed with the hollow, cheap feel of it and its horrible plastic, and I started looking around again.

I found the Rotring 800 and decided to splurge a little, not expecting much. So I got it, came to my door just in time for me to start on a few pages worth of equations, and I was happy to put the Zebra down and use something else. I opened up the package, opened the 800's box, reached in, and Jesus popped out.

I'm not sure if my articulation is doing this justice, but I picked it up and I had to question whether I was holding a pencil or a scalpel. It's incredibly solid, extremely well weighted, it radiates quality and precision like a chunk of plutonium radiates death.

I began to write with it and found that I wasn't getting annoyed by any piece of it, not a single iota proved cumbersome or irritating. That was especially amazing, since I have a history of naturally nitpicking every single little particle and wave out of any tool I use.

Overall, I am extremely happy to own this pencil, and I wouldn't trade it for any other writing utensil. That does not, however, mean that it is perfect.

Over time I noticed a couple things about it, subtle things. The biggest concern I suppose is the tiny eraser. Drafting pencils are known for this, but I'm just not happy that the eraser is so small and therefore has such a short lifetime. It does seem special though, since instead of just a rubber cylinder the eraser piece is actually attached to a metal mount. The refills are consistently sold out here on JetPens, and I was told by Rotring customer support that I had to contact them directly to order more. I guess that makes it feel even more special.

The extending piece on the end has a tiny bit of play. I've heard people complain about it endlessly, and I've seen them stick washers and spacers in the grip to try and stabilize it, but I have no idea what they're going on about. It has play, yes, but it's so minute that you only really notice it if you're hunched over with your face an inch away from the pencil wiggling it back and forth for a good 15 minutes, even then it's so tiny it doesn't matter.

Lastly, I haven't had any competing experience, but I've seen from pictures and heard from reviews that the 800's knurling is less defined than on some of the other pens and pencils that Rotring makes. That means it's less grippy than it could be on the twisting cuff and, well, the grip.

Some things that I don't count as cons really but are worth mentioning are;

The 800, unlike the 600 (And many others), doesn't have a lead hardness indicator. I don't have a roll of them, just the one, so it doesn't really matter to me. I just know that I use 3B, and that's just what I use. I can see how this would be a problem if you keep a selection of lead grades in your pencils though, it would make it hard to choose the right one out of a set of identical 800s.

This clip is really tough. Really, really, really strong and stubborn. I've head people moan about it, and I can say that I'm not really a fan of having to put work into sliding it onto my reinforced (Meaning thick) pocket lining, but the fact that this will absolutely not, under any circumstances, fall out, makes it worthwhile.

I recently sent mine in to get repaired after bending the shaft and they replaced it with a new one, so I'm not sure about now, but on my old one I played with it a lot, and noticed something. When I would extend and retract the shaft repeatedly for a minute or so, it would start to lock up. This means that the 'click' when you extend it became really hard and it almost felt like you were breaking something when you moved it. The extending clock would make me cringe a little bit, but then it almost seemed like it was stuck there, and if you applied enough pressure it would snap and retract. I let it sit for a bit and it was fine again. This was really bazaar, but the thing is that it only happens if you twisting it in and out constantly for a period of time, so I can't count it against the pencil since it's not made for that.

The threading on the grip is really rough and squeaky. Removing it and putting it back on was a bit like nails on a chalkboard. I put some silicon lubricant on it (The type that's thin and actually gets rubbed into the metal, so it isn't oily, just smooth.) and now it's buttery smooth, though.

The extending piece is a little bit off-center. You'll notice when you retract the shaft, if you look in the end, it deviates a bit to one side. This is unnoticeable when it is extended, though, so it's inconsequential.


Overall, this pencil is kind of a ludicrous piece. It's precise, it's clean, it looks and feels amazing, but there are a few tiny things that you probably won't notice, while on the other hand some people do (Like the play in the shaft and the tiny eraser.). It's easily compared to a surgical instrument in terms of build. It isn't an all-around perfect solution though. Its lack of a lead hardness indicator makes it a bad choice for a roll of pencils with various grades, as many artists have, and the minuscule play in the nib could actually prove troublesome for some people, depending on application.

The way I see it, the 800 and the 600 are two alternates of the same pencil. The 800 if if you're only going to have the one, you're going to carry it in your pocket or do something else that could bend the shaft if it weren't retractable, or you want the best general-use mechanical pencil. The 600 is if it's going to live in an art case or a roll where you can sacrifice the protection of the shaft for the absolute solidity, if you need a set of pencils with differing lead hardnesses (, or want the amazing build quality and precision but don't want to buy the most expensive one.

So it isn't a pencil for every purpose, but if it suits your needs than it's the best pencil you can buy.
Kyokuto F.O.B COOP W Ring Notebook - B5 - Plain - White - Bundle of 3 - KYOKUTO PTW03W BUNDLE
  Very nice notebooks with..., July 8, 2014
By sau...
Very nice notebooks with smooth paper. Feels wonderful with pencil. Ink does feather on it though. I wish they made these in A4 size.
Kokuyo Campus Student Eraser - For 2B Lead - KOKUYO KESHI-C100-1
  Best eraser ever!!! ..., July 8, 2014
By annie.p
Best eraser ever!!!