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Pilot Metropolitan Fountain Pen - Fine Nib - Violet Leopard Body - PILOT 91138
  I absolutely love this..., July 3, 2014
By vicki_f86
I absolutely love this pen! It is beautiful and the nib is much better than on some of the more expensive fountain pens I own.
Won't ever have to buy another - I've found the best.
Zebra Comic Pen Nib - G Model - Chrome - Pack of 10 - ZEBRA PG-6C-C-K
  bitmavric your approach..., July 3, 2014
By rezogo
bitmavric your approach calls for veneration. do we lick drawings after they're dry so the nib and paper feel married? lol maniac
Sakura Gelly Roll Moonlight Gel Ink Pen - 1.0 mm - Rose - SAKURA 38170
  I hadn't realized how..., July 3, 2014
By stay_gold_greasers
I hadn't realized how big the tip was, nor had I known how wet the ink would be, so there are a few downsides to this pen. It takes FOREVER to dry, and I mean, I was blowing on it and waving the paper around in the air and the ink was still wet -- you have to be really careful with smearing. The color is also a lot darker than I'd thought it would be. But to be honest, I really only bought this pen because I needed to hit the 25 dollar mark and my favorite color is pink -- so I suppose I can't complain too much about it. I do love the look and feel of it, and I'm certainly going to find things to use it for, so all-in-all, I don't regret the purchase.
Shachihata Artline Ergoline Roller Ball Pen - 0.5 mm - Red - SHACHIHATA K-4200 RED
  This is a great pen...., July 3, 2014
By stay_gold_greasers
This is a great pen. Sometimes I worry about cheap pens with super fine points, I worry that they'll scratch up the paper, but the ink comes out of this baby super smooth and easy. The pen body is lightweight and comfortable, and I simply LOVE anything with a matte finish, so I think it makes this pen look better than most. Would definitely recommend to anyone in the market for red pens.
Pentel Pocket Brush Pen for Calligraphy - PENTEL XGFKP-A
  The only thing keeping..., July 2, 2014
By djkhimtaka
The only thing keeping me from giving this pen a full five stars is the length of the bristles. They just make it a bit hard to control this pen's line sometimes. I'm used to a much shorter brush tip, I suppose. But the line widths range from super, super fine to extremely wide! The long, soft fibers are more suited to expressive strokes than controlled ones.

The ink is probably the most waterproof ink of the all the brush pens I've ever used. Once dry, it will. not. budge. So if you have a very practiced hand, you could use this pen to permanently ink over your sketches. Of course, you can always refill the cartridges with your own ink. I plan to use Noodler's Heart of Darkness when the cartridge this guy came with runs out.

Despite it being waterproof, you can get some interesting effects on paper that has been pre-wetted. The sketches I made came out rather ghostly, or haunting. It's pretty neat.

In all honesty, I prefer my Kuretake brush pens, but this one's really nice as well. The margin between them is very minimal.. I'm glad I went ahead and bought this one. :3 Though I'll more likely use it for calligraphy purposes than art purposes, as I was hoping to do originally.