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Staedtler 925-25 Silver Series Drafting Pencil - 0.5 mm - STAEDTLER 92525-05
  for me best pencil, better..., July 15, 2014
By radojko.andric
for me best pencil, better then rotring 600, best grip
Kuretake Waterbrush - Petit Set - KURETAKE KG205-80
  This brush is perfectly..., July 15, 2014
By djkhimtaka
This brush is perfectly sized to fit into my custom watercolor travel kit! The bottle, not so much, but I figure I can carry that in my pocket along with my mini art book. The bristles are soft and short, giving nicely controlled strokes. The tip is not very fine, but it's fine enough to create some details along with broader strokes.

The only thing that keeps this from getting a full five stars is that the water is not completely secured into the body when the brush is inserted into it. Natural water tension will keep the water from pouring out of the hole, even when held upside down. But some drops will come out when you give it a firm shake. I'm not sure how well it holds up when rattled around in the sketch kit, and I'm not willing to test it empty (because that's not realistic of how it would be normally carried) nor full, because I don't want my paints to get wet and leak everywhere in the event water does get shaken out. So to be an absolutely perfect product, I'd like to have some kind of slip cap to go over the end. (Of course, you could always fashion one out of an empty ink bladder or waterballoon, something like that.)
Pentel Standard Brush Pen - Tsumi Tip - PENTEL XFL2U
  This is a wonderful brush..., July 14, 2014
By aou...
This is a wonderful brush pen. Along with the Pentel Pocket Brush Pen ( it is my favourite pen for calligraphy.
You can achieve anything from a super fine line up to a very thick one. Some reviewers seem to have trouble with the flow - I don't see that at all. The only thing I suppose might be seen as "flow issue", is the "drying brush" effect this pen at times achieves around the edges of your writing. I quite like the effect though, so that's entirely fine with me.

The only thing that might be a downer is, that this brush pen is NOT waterproof. It smudges even after quite some time of drying, while it's brother, the Pocket Brush Pen, is entirely waterproof. If you're looking for that, buy the Pocket one, a wonderful brush pen (I wrote a lengthy review on that one, if you'd like to read about my experiences with it)

An upper: the bristles seem to be a little easier to control than the Pocket BP, so writing western characters is a bit more controllable.
Pentel Pocket Brush Pen for Calligraphy - PENTEL XGFKP-A
  This is one of the most..., July 14, 2014
By aou...
This is one of the most wonderful (and waterproof!) brush pens I have come across.

The ink comes out sleek and precise, and beautifully black. You can both draw the finest of lines as well as nice, medium~thick ones. I would say this one works a little better for kanji than for western writing, at least when writing cursive, it can be a little tricky to write accurately. The colour is very rich and thorough, but probably works best on smooth paper. When writing on thick, rough paper (say, for water colour works), the ink will be sucked up a little bit around the edges, so it won't be as crisp anymore.

I also use the Pentel Standard Brush Pen (tsumi tip: Both are very similar, but here's for some minor differences: The Standard seems a tiny bit blacker. When writing calligraphy, the font gets a little wilder feeling to it, and it can also give you the effect of a drying brush (small white spots) around the edges of your writing, something the Pocket Brush rarely does.

However, and this might be important to some of you: I found the Pocket Brush Pen to be ABSOLUTELY waterproof, while the Standard Brush Pen smudged even after minutes of having it let dry.
Pilot Pocket Brush Pen - Hard - PILOT P-SV-30KK-B
  Both of the Pilot Pocket..., July 14, 2014
By avictorim
Both of the Pilot Pocket Brush Pens are steadily becoming my new favorite tool for ink work. They have the line variation of a brush with the control of a pen, and you don't have to worry about splitting like you do with fine inking brushes. I've never had an issue with ink flow, either, which has been a problem I've encountered with the Pentel brush pen.

I'd very strongly recommend both the hard and soft versions of this pen to anyone looking for a tool like this - you can get very fine lines with both if you have a careful hand, but the soft pen is much better for large areas of heavy black. The only downside I can think of is that they're not waterproof in the least, but I'm willing to work around that just for how fun they are to use.