3M Scotch Ring Donut Tape Dispenser - Strawberry Pink - 12 mm X 11.4 m

3M Scotch Ring Donut Tape Dispenser - Strawberry Pink - 12 mm X 11.4 m

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Share a fresh batch of morning Scotch Tape Donuts to your co-workers. Each dispenser has a yummy donut shape plastic case and is refillable. Take your pick of two donut shape varieties and multiple colors ranging from Caramel to Strawberry. Tape refills available. Scotch Donut Tape Dispensers should ideally be refilled with Donut Tape Dispenser Refills. Standard US refills are slightly wider and the dispensing might not be smooth.

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Customer Reviews

PSA: Regular Scotch refills...
January 15, 2016
Verified Purchase
PSA: Regular Scotch refills FIT in this dispenser! The special refills are -not- necessary, unless for whatever reason you want your tape unusually thin... and expensive.

It is much larger than I thought it would be, but I didn't pay much attention to the sizes, so that's my fault. For those who are as lazy as myself, it is as big as my palm, as in, it completely covers my entire palm. It is also quite thick, thick enough to hold a regular roll of Scotch tape. So, if you thought it was tiny, you might find it to be quite bulkier than expected. However, it is still very portable, and the larger size makes it easy to use without fingers fumbling everywhere.

It's easy to open, just pop it open by sticking your fingernail or tip underneath either of the two bumps on the sides of the white flap. To open the donut completely, once you open the white flap, grasp the ridged part underneath and pull apart. You might have to wiggle it a bit the first time, but grasping it by that grippy area makes all the difference.

If you plan to carry it around with you to places, you might want to pick a darker color, as my poor little pink donut already has some mysterious blemishes even though I carry it safely in my pocket.

This is such a handy little tool, and is great for keeping tape safe and clean, and also really really cute. It feels firm and substantial, and while lightweight, not cheap. It'll last a long time. I use this at work, but I could also imagine it looking cute on my desk, or in my stationery kit for my planner. I'd recommend this cute thing to anyone looking for a cute, safe, or handy way of storing/transporting their tape.
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Works as intended, holds...
November 10, 2015
Verified Purchase
Works as intended, holds my tape and looks like a cute pink donut, I like the dispenser system more than I thought with the folding piece.
This is a really cute...
May 4, 2015
Verified Purchase
This is a really cute tape dispenser, and it does the job. :)
Pauline Joy