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Kuretake Zig Letter Pen CocoIro Pen Body - Summer Apple Green - KURETAKE LPC-12S
  I bought this mostly..., July 13, 2014
By djkhimtaka
I bought this mostly just to check it out, rather than needing it for the refills, which do work nicely on their own. But the color was cute, and complements my planner. So of course I had to have it.

What is there to say, really? It holds the pen refills, caps, posts, clips, and it's lightweight. The only thing odd about it is that the refill sticks out of the bottom. I originally thought it might be to see what color ink you have, but they're all so dark in liquid form it's hard to tell. An ink level visual, perhaps, but it just looks awkward. Still, when you're using it with the cap posted, you won't see the refill, so it's a minor thing.
Pilot Petit3 Mini Fude Brush Pen - Black - PILOT SPN-15KK-B
  This fude pen is now..., July 13, 2014
By djkhimtaka
This fude pen is now a permanent part of my sketch kit, more due to its compact size than any other quality. I have other brush pens of course, with actual bristles instead of the felt, but this is a nice little workhorse. (Seriously, though.. Pilot should really make bristled versions of the Petit, and it would be sublime.)

The lines you can achieve range from fine to fairly broad, and once the ink has completely saturated the nib, it's quite flexible. Something about the ink it comes with takes forever to saturate the nib, however. I intend to turn this into an eyedropper, as my apple green version works stunningly wonderful as such, but I thought I'd give the cartridge a try. Nope.. Never again. It takes several days for it to saturate the nib, and the ink color itself isn't all that impressive. Just convert this one and fill it with your own ink!

I really love these pens, and the fountain pen version. They're compact when capped, but comfortably lengthed when the cap is posted, they come in fun colors, and you can mod and fill them with coordinating inks or whatever ink you want!
Pilot Petit3 Mini Fude Brush Pen - Apple Green - PILOT SPN-15KK-AG
  I converted this guy..., July 13, 2014
By djkhimtaka
I converted this guy into an eyedropper and put my own ink in (Private Reserve Avocado, by the way, which I don't recommend with regular fountain pens, as I've had clogging issues). The combo seems to be a match made in heaven! The ink wicked right down into the brush nib and I was able to use it with full softness of the nib within five minutes.

When I used the ink cartridge that came with my black Pilot Petit Fude, it took forever to get the ink to wick down into the brush, and it remained stiff for quite awhile, a couple days if I recall correctly.

These are great writers as well as sketching tools, and you can get some interesting effects when you use a waterbrush or regular wetted brush with them. And despite being small, posting the cap gives the Pilot Petits a good length to work with.
Sonic Gripen Pencil Holder - Blue - SONIC SK-112-B
  I've been looking for..., July 13, 2014
By lisaand
I've been looking for one of these after seeing an art teacher of mine use one (not the same type but the concept in general) and I like it. Obviously this item works a lot better with any type of standard sized pencil that's basically down to the stub (or almost at that point—to the point where you can't hold it anymore but still has a couple of uses left in it). The added eraser is a nice little bonus, but I can't say anything about it since I have yet to use the eraser. If you want to use your old pencils down to the point of no further usage, this item is a saver.
Stabilo EASYergo 3.15 Mechanical Pencil - Right Handed - 3.15 mm - Orange - STABILO 7892-3-1HB
  I'm the type of person..., July 13, 2014
By lisaand
I'm the type of person who needs to use pencil grips on my pencils because I tend to grip my pencils way too hard which results in my hand hurting after awhile. This pencil has a very good grip and I love the color. I have yet to grip it too hard to the point where I need to rest my hand which is very good. I'll be using this for sure in September for my senior year of high school. I recommend this to anyone who either grips their pencils too hard or can't get a decent grip on their pencils. I've found that the lead does wear down kind of quickly after being freshly sharpened so depending on what you're using this pencil for you should have the sharpener around; and I love the thickness of the lead and how it doesn't break like the thinner types always did..this lead seems like it'll last longer since all you have to do is sharpen it. I even had a friend of mine contemplate purchasing one of these since she has problems with gripping pencils.