A.G. Spalding & Bros BRFT220 Fountain Pen - Medium Nib - Maple Wood - Beige Body

A.G. Spalding & Bros BRFT220 Fountain Pen - Medium Nib - Maple Wood - Beige Body

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A.G. Spalding successfully combines a sporty yet modern look with its wood series fountain pen. This pen has a body made of maple wood and a silver color cap and tip. This special series has a medium nib and is available from Japan. Conveniently refills with international short (European size) cartridges.

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This is my second FP...the...
March 28, 2012
This is my second FP...the first was 30 yrs. ago in college. This is a heavy pen. With the cap snapped to the back in writing position, it's quite back heavy. I find myself writing with the cap setting on the counter most of the time due to the back weight it creates. This is the second one of these for me. The first clogged up after 60 days of daily use and could not be made to work properly no matter what cleaning method I used. JetPens came to the rescue and replaced it. Great! customer service here.

Against what has been said by others, I'm not sure this would be my first FP of choice. The Med. nib is actually quite broad. If I were starting out, I would want something lighter and more balanced. The ink flow is good but this replacement will stop flowing properly if you stop writing for more than 20 sec. Something the first one I got did not do. You could lay it down, answer the phone, then go right back to writing, no problem.

Quality of fit and finish are top notch for such a reasonably priced pen. And as most have said, the cap snaps on quite firmly. Maybe to much so. I got the Maple version because I just finished a cabinet project using Maple... seemed logical. Don't shy away from getting this pen. It's quite pleasing to the eye and is an 'average' writer. I'm actually going to see if I can reshape the nib to be finer and smoother or replace it altogether if possible. Until then, it puts ink to paper to the best of my limited penmanship abilities.
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I really enjoyed the...
February 28, 2013
I really enjoyed the aesthetics of this pen. But I was hesitant at first to purchase it because it is manufactured by a sporting good company that isn't necessarily known for their quality. The limited reviews online of this pen also made me slightly hesitant as well.

However, I was pleasantly surprised. As a left hander not every fountain pen works well for me; but this pen actual works great. It has a good design and the construction is actually top notch. I purchased the Pelikan C499 Fountain converter with it, and it fits great as if it was made for this pen; It provided no problems while providing excellent ink flow. I have used a variety of inks with this pen and the pen handles them all with no problem. The nib provides a beautifully balanced medium nib that flows very smoothly on copy, notebook, and expensive paper that I have tried it on.

It writes first time every time with no flow problems. Another concern of mine was the wood appears to be slick as glass in the photos on the site, and I thought that it would be a slippery pen and hard to use; but it actually is not. It has a light shine to the wood but the wood still feels like wood and provides a good amount of grip so the pen will not slip from your hands, even after long use. The metal on the pen feels of good quality and is thick.

The cap has a nice firm snap to it when taken off or placed on the pen. Overall all of my concerns for the pen diminished upon receiving it and using it. It flushes easily, it writes great. It has a great feel to it. It writes great and has a really excellent build quality. It is now my everyday pen and it writes flawlessly every time.
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I enjoy the look and...
February 17, 2012
Verified Purchase
I enjoy the look and feel of this pen. It wright smoothly but could use a finer nib.

I also enjoy how you can see the wood grains, combine that with a little ware on the finish and no two pens look like.
I would recommend this pen for those who are staring out with fountain pens.

side note: wood feels warmer than metal, which I like.
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It took months of research...
April 8, 2013
Verified Purchase
It took months of research to find a new daily writer - I finally settled on this one and I'm glad I did. I've been using it for a little over a month and can't put it down. The ink always starts flowing immediately (or with a little coaxing after it's been sitting open for awhile) and there is never any skipping. The wood body is a nice touch as well - it's never cold like some metallic bodied pens - and it adds a somewhat rustic look to the otherwise modern design. This has quickly replaced several others as my daily writer.

The one small complaint I've had, and have heard from other people, is that the cap is too heavy when it's posted. It's true, but it really hasn't been a problem, the cap just sits on the table while writing. This pen is weighted wonderfully and it fits so well in the hand without the cap, there's no need to post it.

On an ink level, it does come with a cartridge - and has room to carry a spare inside - but I never used it because I immediately switched to the Kaweco Standard Converter and use J. Herbin Inks - a personal preference, but one that has made this pen a joy to use.

It's a great buy and I recommend it to anyone.
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One of the best pens...
October 2, 2012
One of the best pens in my collection. Worth much much more than it's more elite counterparts. Writing is smooth as silk. Buy it! It's worth every penny till the last drop of ink!
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