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December 22, 2014
I gave it one star because...
Verified Purchase
I gave it one star because I'm required by the submit function. Im not sure why this pencil has glowing reviews. Perhaps it's based primarily on aesthetics, it is a nice looking pencil. However as far as functionality goes I wouldn't give it a single star. I've only had momentary success with it at best. Usually I find myself fussing with it - just to get the led out! really?? Whatever - A.G. Spalding & Bros.... it sucks.

Not so good
October 15, 2014
I don't use 0.5 mm pencils...
Verified Purchase
I don't use 0.5 mm pencils much anymore, but I find that this pencil ends up in my hand around the house more than any other. It's not as pretty as it used to be, the barrel is smudgey and nicked, but that just proves how quickly it gets picked up. It's easy on the hand, the lead advances well, holds a stack of leads without destroying them. The rubbery barrel is still a pleasure to hold (hasn't gotten gummy); what's not to love here?

Bought it totally by accident, and just use it all the time. Hey, and it looks cool, too!

July 17, 2014
To whomever wants a pencil...
Verified Purchase
To whomever wants a pencil that is comfortable in the hand and writes precisely, this is the one for you. I have one myself and it is excellent! Solid, affordable, just excellent!

December 26, 2012
This pencil has a rubber...
Verified Purchase
This pencil has a rubber body which also means that the white rubber gets dirty really easily. Luckily, cleaning this pencil only takes a wet towel and it'll be as clean as you first got it. Otherwise, the rubber body makes it easy to have a nice firm grip on this pencil. There is some weight to this pencil, but that's not a problem since I prefer weighted pencils. Would definitely recommend this pencil to a friend!

July 24, 2009
I got a pencil similar...
I got a pencil similar to this through a different store and I absolutely LOVED IT!!!

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