Akashiya Etegami Postcard Size Paper - Suisai Paper - Pack of 10 Sheets

Postcard pack contains 10 pieces. Paper has a blur degree of 1 and absorbs water moderately well. You can express color development of Sumi or paint beautifully.

Wouldn't it be great to share your artwork with friends in a convenient way? These Japanese postcards are made of special paper that is perfect for drawing on. The special art pieces can be then sent to special friends to brighten their day. Each postcard paper is suited for different drawing purposes and carries a different blur degree. "Blur" refers to the blending capability of the paper, or its degree of absorbency that allows colors to blur on the paper. The degree of blur is ranked from one (least) to five (most). Low degrees are suitable for calligraphy and letters, high degrees are beautiful for watercolors and painting.

Model NumberAKASHIYA AO-30L
Weight1.3 ounces

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