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Did you know that pocket brush pens were present even hundreds of years ago? This unique pocket brush pen is modeled after a style from the Edo period. Noblemen or craftsmen who traveled could take this brush along by reversing the brush head and inserting it into the brush body. The brush is made of high quality authentic, firm weasel hair and has two decorated ends when closed. Three theme styles are available including snow, moon and flower (each with their associated kanji characters imprinted on the brush body. Brushes differ in body color only). Measures 5.8 inches (147 mm) long closed and 6.2 inches (157 mm) with brush extended. Before use, one needs to submerge the brush tip under water for a couple of days until the tip has become soft. This is to help the shaping gel on the brand new tip dissolve in water first. One also needs to dry the tip before storing it back into the pen body to avoid build-up of moisture.

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