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November 4, 2013
Be careful not to abuse...
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Be careful not to abuse the fine tips of these brush pens, but treat them properly and they will serve you well. These brush pens bring the colors and ambiance of old Japan to your drawing desk. Their flexible tips behave similarly to real brushes and allow for lines with dynamic character and/or fine precision.

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December 23, 2014
These are by far my favorite...
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These are by far my favorite pens for everyday use at the office. The fine brush tips are supple and do not dry out between uses -- I use them mostly for taking notes, but also fine them great for sketching quilt designs. The five colors are very subtle and beautiful, especially the dark blue, and the brushes allow me lots of options for textures and varying depth of color; they fill in the squares for quilt designs right into the corners, giving a very good idea of how a particular pattern will work once translated to sewn cloth.