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This is an elegant brush...
July 17, 2013
This is an elegant brush pen. The bristles come to a long tapered point and are nicely resilient. Line thickness varies from hairlines to medium. The ink is a nice cool grey that is completely waterproof. Like the other Akashiya thin pens, the ink flow is moderate, not wet. You need a more sparing ink flow with very fine brushes, or their hairlines would quickly get too thick. When I draw on smooth surfaces like Bristol board, I can achieve beautiful calligraphic lines at comfortable pace. However, I actually use it most on cold-press watercolor paper, because I like how the ink lines become more textured and sketchy, almost like pencil. (I generally wash over the lines with watercolor, and have never had problems with the ink running.)

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This is a very delicate,...
May 4, 2016
Verified Purchase
This is a very delicate, yet very powerful brush for drawing. The synthetic bristles form a very fine point so I can work on very minute details, but the brush also gives me enough line variability to work on thicker contours. The brush is on the dry side, which means I never have to worry about marks being way thicker than I intended, but also means that dragging the brush with any speed across the paper will produce a drybrush effect. My biggest gripe with this brush is that I can't tell how much juice it's got left. After about a week of use, it seems to be skipping into the drybrush mode a bit more frequently, but there's no way to tell if it's already running out. All in all, this is a very solid brush for detail work that is capable of producing truly fine lines, but something too fragile to be a workhorse brush.
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Some dude
I bought one to use for...
October 24, 2014
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I bought one to use for comic book inking. It's really great! The lines are smooth and consistent. You can't get that thick of lines but it's great for detail work. The ink is dark enough for a scanner to pick up but I wouldn't use it to fill large areas. Overall, great product.
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I love the way this brush...
March 18, 2016
Verified Purchase
I love the way this brush pen handles, but the ink is really not dark enough for what I want... When I used this for details and filled in the other areas with a darker brush pen, the difference was noticeable to the point where it was an issue. The color versions are fine, though, because when I use a color like that, I'm not looking for that deep of a color. I will definitely stick to the green one, which I ordered along with this one, and consider more colors. And I'll use this one for things where I only need to ink details.
LOVE these brush pens....
October 20, 2015
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LOVE these brush pens. Quick drying ink is great, the finer brush point is awesome.
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Terrible. Ink flow is...
May 29, 2013
Verified Purchase
Terrible. Ink flow is awful. Pen is 1/2 dried out straight out of the sealed bag. Glad I only bought one.
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$5 for this?! IT'S NOT...
May 16, 2016
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$5 for this?! IT'S NOT WORTH IT!
Bought this because it sounded nice: A thin yet elegant brush pen! But once I got it, it wasn't nice. The ink flows so slowly that it looks really ugly when you want a nice quick crisp stroke. When you try to make a wide brush stroke, the ink stops flowing and it again looks ugly. Makes me feel like I need to dip this into an ink bottle if it means I'll get some more bang for my buck! But I won't.

Stay away from this piece of junk, go get a Kuretake brush pen. Now THAT'S worth the money!
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Christina R
Tiny brush tip that works...
January 1, 2016
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Tiny brush tip that works great for loose drawing. So far, love all of the pens in the Sai line. Good product.
One of my most favored...
January 28, 2015
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One of my most favored and versatile art tools.
I believe I need to practice...
October 25, 2014
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I believe I need to practice with this and then I will see all of the benefits of this product. It sure is light to the touch -- so it is more me than the product.
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