Akashiya Sai ThinLine Watercolor Brush Pen - 5 Color Set

Akashiya Sai ThinLine Watercolor Brush Pen - 5 Color Set

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Five brush set includes Sumii-ro (Sumi Black), Seiboku (Japanese Blue Black), Mizuasagi (Scallion Green), Chitose (Pine Tree Green), and Hiwada-iro (Cypress Bark Brown).

SAI ThinLine brush hairs are made of special artificial fibers that allow a thin and highly precise line perfect for design drawing, calligraphy, writing and comic illustrations. Watercolor dye-based ink available in five traditional Japanese colors. Colors can be mixed with water other SAI to create lighter shades, combined with other colors to create new colors, etc. The brushes are always ready to paint whenever you are, and you can cap them when you are finished. No wonder they created so much buzz in Japan. JetPens is proud to search out great products like these and bring them to you!

Like many watercolors, the SAI brush colors other than black are not light resistant, so colors will fade if kept in sunny areas. These brushes are perfect for journaling or painting artwork for indoors. SAI brushes are optimally stored horizontally to prevent bleeding from the tip.

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This is a great addition...
October 10, 2009
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This is a great addition to the Akashiya line. If you already like their other pens, then you will enjoy these. They write with a finer line, and has a lovely muted colour palette. In an interview with an Akashiya representative, he mentioned they designed these pens to appeal to females, and decided with a thin body to resemble makeup tools. I thought that was interesting.

I have noticed that the Akashiya pens tend to work better on watercolour papers with Alpha cellulose content like Canson Montval and Strathmore 400 Watercolour paper. The lines are easily washed over and re-soluble on papers like these. Otherwise, working with them by dissolving some colour on a palette is an easy way to gain more control over the medium. For line drawing, they are very nice when utilized on sumi-e papers, and papers with a bot more tooth to them.

Overall I really enjoy experimenting with these pens, and I think they are a very unique product.
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