Alvin Draft-Matic Drafting Pencil - 0.3 mm

Alvin Draft-Matic Drafting Pencil - 0.3 mm

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Alvin's Draft-Matic drafting pencil is of professional quality and is equipped with convenient features. This cushion pointed pencil has a plastic barrel and a metal knurled grip as well as a lead grade indicator. There is also a capped eraser.

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This is a fantastic pencil....
August 19, 2011
This is a fantastic pencil. Another reviewer called it a "rotring lite," and I am inclined to agree. I currently have a Rotring 600, and see many similarities. The draftmatic pencil has a significant weight to it, and it is exceptionally comfortable to write/sketch with.

Definitely worth the money, in my opinion.

My one complaint is that the tip of the pencil is easily bent.

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Very few of my drafting...
March 1, 2013
Very few of my drafting pencils get a 5 star (see other reviews). But in this case, I love this pencil. Now I dont use it a whole lot, but when I use, it works well. So heres my review.

Length - Not too short or long, works well.
Pipe Length - About standard, not enough to have me change my writing style to make it work.
Tip - Awesome, its on the longer side due to it part of the grip. Absolutely love the design of the tip, one of my favorites.
Grip - Favorite, well one of my favorite, knurling on this is fantastic, I would put it above the Rotring. I have some Alvins that the knurling is wearing down, but still gives a great grip when writing. Some might say its too aggressive, I say toughen up some. When you're writing for hours, taking down notes and jotting things down quickly, it wont slip out of your fingers. Also, I hvent had it unscrew but just a few times, but thats a rare occasion.
Body - Plastic, but strong, havent snapped it, not sure how other people snap it, if you're not using it as a pry bar then it shouldn't be a problem. Also, they're color coded so makes it easy when you pick it knowing what lead size they are. The girth of the grip is about right, wished it was a tad wider, but definitely better than most out there (Rotring 500, Pentel 205, etc.).
Lettering - Stands out nicely...
Clip - Has one, about standard, has turned on me really, havent bent mine either as I dont really use the clip, more there to keep it from rolling off the table.
Lead Indicator - Has one, which is a plus. Knurled as well, not that a lead indicator needs to be knurled, but sure does make it look nice.
Cap - Shiny, I dont take my cap off very much, really only to refill it...

Lettering - It will wear off with lots of use, I have several that have worn off the body.
Lead Indicator - Biggest grip about these pencils is that its a crap shoot of whether the indicator will be stiff or not. This is the downside of buying online, I've had to go to a drafting store to replace a couple of these as the indicators become too loose, to the point that I wont know what lead softness is in them without first writing. Not a deal breaker, but worth noting.

Definitely get these, they are a little more pricey than others, but for what you're getting, its a damn good pencil. I mainly use these in my daily use. I have the 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, and the 0.9mm.
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This was my first Alvin...
February 17, 2013
Verified Purchase
This was my first Alvin pencil, after buying many drafting pencils from other companies (like Rotring, Pentel, and Pro-use).

I liked the 0.3 sooo much, I ended up buying all the other sizes in the Alvin line, and also bought another 0.3mm (to take in my back pack pencil case, leaving my other one at home).

It is worth much more than it costs.

It is well made, it is precise, it feels good in your hand (the knurled metal grip is secure and I've used it for several hours straight without any pain or discomfort in my hand... but I have thick skin, mind you), and it has a decent weight.

It offers a solid and satisfying click sound/feel when you click the button. The lead advances in controlled, precise increments. The lead reservoir tube inside is also metal. And the metal grip screws onto metal threading inside the body, not the yellow plastic you see outside. So, don't worry about stripping cheap plastic threading when you tighten on the grip. This is a weakness in many other pencils in this price range. But don't worry... this Alvin pencil only has metal-to-metal attachment.

I could not say enough in support of this pencil. I'm really picky, and I have very high standards for all my gear and belongings. Alvin pencils have become my standard choice for pencils ranging within the 0.3mm-0.9mm size.

I still occasionally use the Pentel P209 for 0.9mm size, and I have to use other brands for my 2.0 mm lead holders, but from 0.3mm-0.7mm, I have no reason to touch anything else, anymore.

Replacement erasers and other parts are also available, if you ever need them.

This pencil captures the precision you would expect in surgical or dental instruments, and it is beautiful enough to inspire your artistic creativity just by holding it in your hand.

Try it and you will not be disappointed.

Alvin! who knew...?
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This is my favourite...
February 17, 2013
Verified Purchase
This is my favourite pencil of all, in my collection of dozens of top-quality pencils. (I have Steadtlers, Rotring 800s, Pentel Graphgears, and Pro-use pencils, and more, to compare it with.)

Alvin pencils are the best. And it is a mystery that they do not cost much, much more.

They basically specialize in the specific design. They do not offer much variety in their line, except for choice of size (and corresponding colour), ranging from 0.3mm to 0.9mm.

I have the whole line, 0.3mm, 0.5mm, 0.7mm, and 0.9mm.

They feel solid, well made, good weight, well balanced, grippy, precise, and it feels good in your hand even when you use it intensely for hours on end. It is a work of art, and assists you in producing works of art which conducive to its own level of quality.

This will not disappoint. I tell everyone about these Alvin pencils now. I'm still a fan of Pentel as a company overall, but as far as 0.3-0.9mm drafting pencils go, Alvin has MASTERED the art. It cannot be improved.

Don't worry about the plastic tube. It's high quality, and the colours are good. Also, the metal tip and grip do not screw onto plastic... there is metal threading which the grip attaches to, so don't worry about crappy plastic threading which is easy to strip. This point is often the downfall of otherwise good pencils. But it's nothing to worry about with Alvin pencils... metal to metal attachment, only.

Even the knurled lead indicator at the metal capped eraser end is extremely solid and matches the solidity of the grip itself. The metal eraser cap caps over a metal--not plastic!--tube inside. This is also an irritation with many good pencils. But the lead tube reservoir inside is also metal.

They look awesome. And they have an impressive "click!" sound upon lead advancement.

Like I said... the BEST!!! And also the best value. No other pencil comes close, and even pencils which cost 5 times as much are not half as good.

I mean it! Buy Alvins!
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Superb pencil! I own...
November 8, 2012
Verified Purchase
Superb pencil! I own the black 0.5 mm one as well. I haven't experienced bent tips so far despite some falls. Regarding the knurl, I don't find it particuarly rough, so I can write for hours. It gives you a good grip. These Alvin pencils are also quite beautiful.
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