Alvin Draft-Matic Drafting Pencil - 0.5 mm

Alvin Draft-Matic Drafting Pencil - 0.5 mm

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Alvin's Draft-Matic drafting pencils are designed to provide convienient features in a professional package. This cushion pointed pencil has a plastic barrel and a traditional metal knurled design on the grip as well as on the top lead grade indicator. Pencil eraser is hidden underneath the top knock button.

Pencil Dimensions: 5.6 inches (14.2 cm) long and 0.3 inches (8.4 mm) in diameter.

Customer Reviews

This pencil is excellent....
July 18, 2011
This pencil is excellent. I'd consider it the value-version of the Rotring 600. The grip and tip and mechanisms are extremely similar. Although the barrel is plastic, it is heavy duty and feels extremely well built and solid in the hand.

I've done hours and hours of math and engineering homework with this pencil and it is a joy to use.
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I have used both the...
December 11, 2011
I have used both the Alvin Draft-matic and the Rotring 600. Of course the weight of the Rotring is more substantial than that of the Alvin Draft-matic, however, I honestly have to say that I prefer the rough knurled grip of the Alvin Draft-matic. The Rotring 600's grip is also knurled, but it's markedly smoother to the touch - personally, I like the rougher grip.
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PRO: This is a solid...
December 10, 2011
This is a solid pen. I fell in love with it over the last couple years, while using it to write in my journal.

The metal grip provides a nice weight, and although the barrel is plastic, the whole pencil screws apart and puts back together seamlessly, as if it were one piece.

1. Pricey
2. Lead grade indicator is a little loose
3. If you pull the cap off too quickly, sometimes the eraser can come out with it (common problem among cheaper pencils)
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My new favorite pencil! Sol...
December 7, 2011
My new favorite pencil!

Solidly built and even though the barrel is plastic, it is thick and could probably withstand a good beating. The click is very solid and advances the perfect amount of lead out. The eraser is tiny but thats the same thing that can be said about just about every other drafting pencil... Get a Staedtler Mars stick eraser.

In regards to the knurled grip... It is perfect! I dont know how there is people complaining about the "roughness" and how their fingers hurt after using this pencil. This is quite possibly the best grip Ive ever felt. This is a drafting pencil after all and serious manual drafting requires precise control of your writing instrument and this grip gives you that. You could still hold onto this thing if it was coated in cooking oil! Anyone complaining about the rough grip needs to put down their pencil, go outside, do some real manly yard work and develop some stronger fingers and skin and stop using your girlfriends moisturizing lotion every hour! Leave this pencil for us real professionals and go pick up a pink Bic.

My only complaint (if you can even call it that) is the fact that when you write a certainw ay, the metal cap over the eraser wobbles about 1mm side to side inside the end of the barrel making it rattle ever so slightly... I fixed this but using a very very tiny square of the sticky portion of a post it note, adhered to the side of the cap so that it fits between the side of the cap and the inside of the barrel, creating a shim of sorts. No more rattles except spare lead inside the thing!
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As a student I've enjoyed...
July 18, 2011
As a student I've enjoyed using this pencil for math, engineering, and other technical work. It's comfortable to write with and feels solid. I initially wanted to purchase a Rotring 600, but thought the price was a little high. When I saw this pencil, it seemed to me like this was a value-version of the 600. The tip design and grip is extremely similar. It's got great feel and great precision. I suspect the main difference is only in the plastic, smooth barrel. Alvin actually makes a pencil with the hexagonal body like the Rotrings but the top is not as solid as this one.

I would highly recommend it to those looking for a quality drafting pencil that has a solid tip for great precision and smooth writing. I've done hours and hours of homework with this pencil and carry it with me everywhere. I enjoy using it more than my Graphgear 1000, and the metal grip provides a nice contrast to my Pentel Smash. It feels like a quality pencil that will last.
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