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March 8, 2013
I have had no problems...
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I have had no problems with this pencil after 2 years of intermittant use. My only issue is that the leads can't be any longer than about 1.5 inches (about 3.5 cm).

The leads feed by rotation rather than by clutch, and to retract the lead you have to reverse rotate, but some clutch pencils (for example, my DraftMatic) have similar problems in that they don't auto retract either.

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January 31, 2015
One has to push the lead...
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One has to push the lead in to retract. Otherwise OK, not readily available in other sites.

September 26, 2012
This is simply an example...
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This is simply an example of a lowest quality American-made item: cheapest plastics, no smooth operation, slippery grips, misaligned twisting tips, with which you can only propel the leads, but not retract them!!!!!!!!!. This is why European and Japanese writing items are so high beyond American standards. Do not waste your money, I already did it for you.