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February 18, 2012
These post-its are gorgeous...
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These post-its are gorgeous and very realistic, but unfortunately, they clearly are NOT post-it brand quality. They don't have the greatest glue; each sheet leaves a small layer of glue on the one beneath and they don't stick to any surfaces for very long.. As such, I think they work well in books because of the (likely) continual pressure holding them in place. Otherwise, they could be used for scrapbooking or other art projects as long as you add a more permanent glue.

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May 4, 2013
I agree with the initial...
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I agree with the initial reviewer - they are beautiful. But as far as usefulness, no so much. The glue is not up to snuff, and if they functioned more like brand name Post-It notes, I would buy tons of them. But they tend to stick together, and leave a layer of glue on the next sheet. I do, occasionally use them on calendars or notepads and they look adorable. I use permanent markers on them because the sheets tend to be a tad resistant to non-durable gel ink pens. the cuteness factor is a 5/5 but the usefulness and price factor into it, it brings me to an overall rating of 3/5.