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Ever wish you could add a sticky note somewhere but still read the text underneath? These vellum translucent adhesive memo notes are more than up for the task! You can stick them in your calendar and still see the rest of your schedule or put them in your textbooks to add notes without blocking any important information. If you're borrowing your textbook or you just don't like marking it up, you can still take notes or highlight using these memo notes. When you're finished using them, simply peel off the memo notes and voila! The textbook is as good as new. You can also color the ends of the memo notes to transform them into page flags or have even more fun by using them to trace cute drawings!

Each Ver.5 pack contains 20 memos. Each memo is 5.9 x 2.9 inches (15.0 x 7.3 cm).

This is a pack of Ver.5 memos. Writing sample photos feature the Ver.2 memos.

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January 29, 2015
Verified Purchase
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I was disappointed in...
February 8, 2016
Verified Purchase
I was disappointed in this product. The memos are sticky and clear, which is great - but I was unable to write on them with many of my pens do the the surface of the notes. If you purchase this, please note that ball point pens are the only that I have found in my collection that work reliably and well with this product.
An indispensable tool...
February 1, 2016
Verified Purchase
An indispensable tool for note taking, especially with anatomical drawings or highlighting in textbooks. A tad pricey but so are my textbooks!
The size is great, the...
September 30, 2015
Verified Purchase
The size is great, the transparency is great.
My issue is the fact that they do a poor job of sticking to the paper.
It needs to be more adhesive especially since you will be using the sticky side twice (once to make the copy then again to place it where you need it).