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Brush Pen Sampler - 5 Pen Bundle

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Brush Pen Sampler - 5 Pen Bundle - JETPENS BRUSHPENS1 BUNDLE
  • Brush Pen Sampler - 5 Pen Bundle - JETPENS BRUSHPENS1 BUNDLE
  • Brush Pen Sampler - 5 Pen Bundle - JETPENS BRUSHPENS1 BUNDLE
  • Brush Pen Sampler - 5 Pen Bundle - JETPENS BRUSHPENS1 BUNDLE
  • Brush Pen Sampler - 5 Pen Bundle - JETPENS BRUSHPENS1 BUNDLE
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Have you ever wanted to try a brush pen but just didn't know where to start? Now you can try five different brush pens with our brush pen sampler! This set features some of our most popular brush pens, including the cult classic Pentel Pocket Brush Pen. Let your creativity flow with these felt and synthetic hair brush pens that range from extra fine tips to medium tips, as well as from soft to hard. You can experiment with precise, thin lines or thicker, brushier strokes. This sampler set is great for anyone looking to get into brush pens, or for those who already love brush pens and want to try more!

The pens included in this sampler are listed below, in the Products Included section.


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This item: Brush Pen Sampler - 5 Pen Bundle - $26.00

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Products Included


December 5, 2014
This set introduced me...
Verified Purchase
This set introduced me into the world of brush pens and now I cannot understand how I lived without them. Somehow, these have replaced my normal pens. Now I use them for any writing I have to do, whether it be notes or letters.
I have not yet tried the famous Pentel pen but the Pilot Pocket Pen is something that draws oohs and ahhs out of every observer. However it is something one must really get acquired to using. Writing kanji with this pen is a dream but writing in English or drawing feels very unusual and is quite hard to do.
Since the softer brush pens are something I still have to get adjusted to, my favorite ended up being the Zebra pen. It flows beautifully but is still easy to control. However the ink does tend to bleed through the paper a little. I always use both sides of the paper so it is important to me that I do not see the text on the other side through the paper. Because of this, the Zebra is tied with the Tombow pen. Although it is only marginally, the Tombow pen does tend to bleed through less, which is almost never.
Between the Zebra and the Kuretake pen, I feel that the Kuretake pen is a bit more soft and wet, but that is barely noticeable.

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December 2, 2014
A strong variety of brush...
Verified Purchase
A strong variety of brush pens, ranging from firm to soft brush. Getting this special selection was like a box of my favorite chocolates -- which one to pick first from this delicious selection. Great variety, and an instant invitation to sketch!

1 person found this helpful
December 10, 2014
Great variety of brush...
Verified Purchase
Great variety of brush pen to try out. Best choice for anyone new. My favorites are Pental and
Tombow. Great flow along with gentle handle. A nice change of pace that goes well with fountain pens. I mainly use them for Kanjis.

December 9, 2014
Got my set in today!!!...
Verified Purchase
Got my set in today!!! I have been just testing them out by scribbling so far, but I feel and see the potential I have in my hands now. I am learning how to draw Manga and other forms of the art of drawing. I have many art supplies (in regard to markers & pens) already, and this new set of brush pens has really motivated me create and express myself through their usage in addition to my other tools. I am loving the Kuretake and the Zebra brush pens equally. The line-width variation is perfect for Manga creation and detail. The tombow is good as well, but its line variation seems to start off a little thicker than the Kuretake and the Zebra versions. I also love the Pentel brush pen(hard). I sampled it first and for the longest. I already had the other Pentel brush pen in my arsenal, so now I have two: One for my travel kit: and the other for my at-home usage. This sampler pack was a good deal! I am inspired and motivated and can't wait to get the time to get started. Thanks JetPens.

November 25, 2014
Love them, so good to...
Verified Purchase
Love them, so good to draw with them. I love the quality and price, awesome.