Carl Kuru Kuru Carl-Kun Pencil Sharpener - Orange

Carl Kuru Kuru Carl-Kun Pencil Sharpener - Orange

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This clever pencil sharpener combines the convenience of a compact sharpener with the ease-of-use of a hand crank sharpener. To use, simply insert a pencil into the sharpener, then use the handle to turn the sharpener around the pencil. (The name Kuru Kuru is the Japanese phrase for "round and round".) The sharpener requires little force to use, making it great for kids, and it sharpens quickly since there's no need to constantly stop and re-grip the pencil with every turn.

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This tiny pencil sharpener...
August 12, 2016
Verified Purchase
This tiny pencil sharpener is great for traveling with or to keep in a pencil case, but the small size also has it's drawbacks. After sharpening just one pencil the container is full. The little turn handle is genius, it's obviously the best feature. The sharpener itself is sharp, just one or two turns of the handle is all you need to sharpen your pencil, and if you turn too many times, it will just snap you pencil tip right off. Often I hold my pencil at the wrong angle and only one side gets sharpened. The hole is kind of small, a lot of my thicker pencils don't fit and it chews up anything triangular.
not worth it. The pencil...
January 22, 2016
Verified Purchase
not worth it.

The pencil point breaks while you are turning the sharpener. Might as well buy a brand new pencil and immediately throw it in the trash can, because that's how effective this is.