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Copic Marker (24)
Deleter (29)
Dynomighty (2)
E+M (1)
JetPens (1)
Kaimei (3)
Kuretake (36)
Nikko (4)
Ohto (7)
Pentel (6)
Pilot (11)
Sailor (5)
Sakura (20)
Smudge Guard (1)
Tachikawa (30)
Tombow (3)
Zebra (4)
Batman and Robin, Goku and Krillin, Sailor Moon and Luna... every star character has an awesome and reliable sidekick! In creating extraordinary storylines and memorable characters, artists have many sidekicks by their side as well: quality supplies and materials.
This selection features items that are specifically designed for comic artists and mangaka, as well as items that are often used alongside the specialized products. Whether you're sketching up a thrilling adventure comic or a romantic shoujo manga, these tools will be your trusty partners from beginning to end.
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