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Perhaps these aren't...
August 30, 2013
Perhaps these aren't the Sketch but the Ciaos are just as great in my opinion.
The colors are vivid and very elegant.
With the supper brush nib you can easily blend colors together for shading.
The prices may seem a bit high but in the long run, it's pretty cheap once you get a Various Ink Refill. Then you never have to buy another marker!
The Ciaos have the exact same ink as Originals or Sketch, just don't hold as much ink.
They are cheaper than Sketch for a reason, pretty much because they are smaller and not nearly as many colors.
Yet, I own no Sketches but Ciaos. So if you are considering buying Ciaos, go for it!
I recommend you start out with a much bigger set though. I started out with the 72 A Ciao Set and love it!
Copics are pricey and it's an investment, but really makes your Manga or any art work come to life.
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Great product, quick...
January 27, 2015
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Great product, quick shipping!
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