Copic Marker - 12 Cool Gray Set

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4.0 (3 reviews)
Set includes: Cool Gray No.6, Cool Gray No.7, Cool Gray No.8, Cool Gray No.9, Cool Gray No.10, Black, Cool Gray No.0, Cool Gray No.1, Cool Gray No.2, Cool Gray No.3, Cool Gray No.4, and Cool Gray No.5.

Get all the perfect gray shades you need with Copic's special gray color sets. Four color sets are available including: Neutral Gray Set, Toner Gray Set, Warm Gray Set, Cool Gray Set. These markers are double ended with a broad chisel on one side and a fine point on the other.

Copic Markers are the original line of high quality illustrating tools, used for decades by professionals around the world. They are great for architectural design, product rendering, and other forms of industrial design. They are also popular among the hobby industry for use with models, ceramics and similar projects. Copic markers are compatible with the Airbrush system. They have nine nib options, are refillable and come in 214 (expandable to 322) colors. The characteristic oval profile of the body is roll resistant on working surfaces, the body inscriptions are wear resistant, and the smooth polypropylene body gives you a comfortable grip. Each marker has a color-coded cap for instant color selection and is filled with alcohol-based ink for a long shelf life. It is the marker created for creative people!

Marker Features:

-Guaranteed 3 Year Shelf Life
-Airbrush System Compatible
-214 Colors (expandable to 322)
-Guaranteed Color Consistency
-Optional Replaceable Nibs
-Features Fine, Medium and Broad nibs
-Great for Comics, Scrapbooking and Crafts
-Permanent and Non-toxic
-Alcohol-based ink dries Acid Free
-Photocopy Safe
-Fine Tip allows for detailed work

Model NumberCOPIC CCG12
Weight11.8 ounces
ManufacturerCopic Marker
Body Color Gray
Body Material Plastic
Clippable No
Color Set Yes
Design Style Airbrush System Compatible, Art Pen
Grip Color Gray
Grip Material Plastic
Ink Characteristics Nontoxic, Permanent
Ink Refillable Yes
Mechanism Capped
Pre-Installed Ink Color Black, Cool Gray No.0, Cool Gray No.1, Cool Gray No.10, Cool Gray No.2, Cool Gray No.3, Cool Gray No.4, Cool Gray No.5, Cool Gray No.6, Cool Gray No.7, Cool Gray No.8, Cool Gray No.9
Tip Material Felt
Tip Type Chisel, Fine Point

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copic markers may seem...
June 3, 2011
copic markers may seem overpriced, but when you break it down, they're really economical. the initial investment is always a bit high if you buy the sets, but when you add the refills and replaceable nibs into the equation, you start to see that you save some money in the long run. I use copic for my work. have sets of the greys and colors. when i run out of ink, i just reach for a refill and i'm ready to keep working. the refills cost about 5 dollars each, but you can refill a copic anywhere between 5-7 times with a single bottle of various refill. you might think that it makes more sense to buy a cheaper marker, but what sets copics apart from their competitors is how saturated they are. you can blend them into each other because they're so wet. that leads to a uniform coat and less streaking as happens with most other markers. I'm hoping jet pens will begin carrying refills and nibs for the original copics. that will make them a one stop shop for anyone using copics on a daily basis.
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Eh wasn't overly fond...
December 27, 2014
Verified Purchase
Eh wasn't overly fond of this set but I think it's because I'm not good with layering them yet.
these markers are great...
September 20, 2010
these markers are great they were the key to my drawing although be warned when you use the ink alot it runs out. The shelf life for me with these markers were not three years ,but only 6 weeks. If you ask me these markers are great quality but WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY over priced. it s a RIP OFF