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These pens are some of...
October 12, 2011
These pens are some of the few that you can actually see the difference in the sizes. The nib is hard and durable and the ink is very black. To refill them is a snap with no messy ink all over your hands. Just pop out the old and pop in the new. You can even change nibs when you think yours is getting mushy. Be prepared, it takes awhile to wear one down. All around they're great for writing, filling in space, zentangles, drawing and your occasional doodle. N from Baltimore
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this my go-to pen for...
January 9, 2014
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this my go-to pen for writing. it's super smooth, feels great in the hand and is incredibly easy to maintain. i'm on nib #2 after a couple of years of daily writing and it feels good as new every time i write. the aluminum body is great, too. it looks awesome, has terrific weight and is extremely durable. this my favorite pen.
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