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I've been trying a variety...
April 19, 2015
Verified Purchase
I've been trying a variety of white inks/pens for highlights on art, and this was a really disappointing one.
Like others have mentioned, the brush is very tiny and difficult to use (also mine came bent?), but even dipping a better brush into the bottle I found the ink/paint behaved strangely. It didn't want to flow to the tip of any brush I've used and instead collects in a big drop neeeeaaarrrly at the tip. Very weird! It also tends to dry transparent and suck up the colours underneath, staining the highlight.
Not worth it, in my experience! I've had the best highlighting luck with Windsor & Newton white and a dip pen and I think that's what I'll be sticking with.
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The white ink is quite...
September 5, 2014
Verified Purchase
The white ink is quite good: fluid, opaque, and pretty quick to dry. (It's not a typical "wite-out" formula with alcohol that evaporates almost instantly.) I like the brush quite a bit. It's essentially a miniature rigger that makes consistent fine, straight lines over 2 inches long from one brush stroke. (Impressive for such a tiny brush.) Very efficient for cleaning up long edges. For more detailed corrections, I use a small sable brush, as I would with any other correction fluid.
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I do love this stuff!...
August 26, 2014
Verified Purchase
I do love this stuff! Perfect for final details. My only problem is the brush. Love that it is so fine tipped, but it's difficult to use. I have to almost lay the brush parallel to the paper to get the fluid from the brush to the paper -- and that's stressful! I almost ruined my art because an overly sized blob of white collected at the base of the brush. I'm almost tempted to cut the very fine tip off for better use -- or better yet, just use an paintbrush I'm more comfortable with.

Great concept for fine detail, but needs a better tip that is easier to use.
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Truly opaque. Great for...
July 4, 2014
Truly opaque. Great for edging and adding small precise details. My only con, is that brush itself (which is a lot like a thin nailpolish brush) s a bit difficult to maneuver.
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I found that with this...
September 23, 2015
Verified Purchase
I found that with this product you must split it into two parts, the opaque white itself and the brush that comes with it.

In regards to the product itself I find it easy to work with and as an opaque detail-er it works very well. Once thing that may need to be mentioned is that since it is water based putting on top of water repellent works such as waxy colored pencil can be difficult. Also I found that it does tend to thicken over time, although this can be helped using a small amount of clean water. Lastly I found that it does sit on top of the paper, therefore it can be scratched off it applied thickly to a surface. All in all this is a good product that does as advertised, it is easy to work with and to some extend the viscosity of the liquid can be adjusted.

Regarding the brush, I found that in the beginning it was a very effective. It was able to create very fine line and was sufficiently flexible with just enough bend to it. Unfortunately, I did find that it was easily deformed. Although I left the bottle sitting upright and cleaned the brush with clean water after each use to avoid warping, I found that each time I opened the bottle to use it the brush would become more and more warped. In the beginning only a few of the synthetic hairs were bent, however each time despite the care I mentioned earlier the bristles began to bend in different directions thus making the brush itself unusable for its intended purposes.

In conclusion, the product itself is easy to work with and works well for its intended purpose, the brush although wonderful while it lasts is prone to damage despite the best care. Invest in the product not the brush. I found that other fine brushed work fine with the product, just be sure to clean them well after each use with water and whatever cleaning products you may need to care for your brushes.
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Works best if you use...
January 14, 2016
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Works best if you use a paper clip. You can really add in that extra detail on the inked shadows.
Good stuff. I could use...
November 25, 2015
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Good stuff. I could use any one of a million different brands etc,but I love Copic.
This item is certainly...
November 25, 2015
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This item is certainly not worth more than 2-bits. Terrible Terrible
tularosa savage
Bright white exact;y...
September 10, 2015
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Bright white exact;y as described!!!!
ugh, what can I say about...
September 7, 2015
Verified Purchase
ugh, what can I say about this product... the first time I opened it the brush was nice, but not enough paint was on the brush to make small details. not only that; the brush gets clumpy and messed up so easily, it's just not something I would recommend. I think the one that comes in a jar w/ small paint brush would be a better way to go.
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