Copic Various Ink Marker Refill - Cadmium Red

Copic Various Ink Marker Refill - Cadmium Red

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Extend the life of your Copic markers using this Various Ink refill. The refill is compatible with the original Copic Marker, Sketch Marker, Ciao Marker, and Wide Marker. This is color number R27, Cadmium Red.

One bottle contains 25 ml of ink and can fill a Copic Marker up to 9 times, a Sketch Marker up to 12 times, a Ciao Marker up to 15 times, or a Wide Marker up to 7 times.

Notes for refilling a marker:
• Before refilling, protect the work surface.
• Keep rubbing alcohol nearby—this can be used to clean ink spills or to wipe the marker clean.
• Avoid overfilling the marker.

To refill a marker:
1. Hold the marker in one hand at a slightly tilted angle, with the flat side surface of the chiseled nib facing up.
2. With your other hand, gently dab 15-20 drops of ink onto the side surface of the nib, allowing each drop to be absorbed before adding the next drop.

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