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Copic atyou Spica Micro Glass Glitter Pen - Clear

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Copic atyou Spica Micro Glass Glitter Pen - Clear - COPIC GLCLR
  • Copic atyou Spica Micro Glass Glitter Pen - Clear - COPIC GLCLR
  • Copic atyou Spica Micro Glass Glitter Pen - Clear - COPIC GLCLR
  • Copic atyou Spica Micro Glass Glitter Pen - Clear - COPIC GLCLR
  • Copic atyou Spica Micro Glass Glitter Pen - Clear - COPIC GLCLR
  • Copic atyou Spica Micro Glass Glitter Pen - Clear - COPIC GLCLR
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The atyouSpica Glitter pens add non-toxic, long-lasting sparkle and texture to any craft project. The glitter is achieved through the use of micro glass flakes which are more reflective than other possible additives, such as glass beads. The pigment is transparent so it can be used over other inks. The felt, non-clog tip gives the ink a clean flow and fast drying time. Two dozen colors available.

• 24 Colors (1 Clear)
• Non-Toxic
• Acid-Free
• Archival
• Transparent
• No-Clog Tip
• Pigment Based Ink

Weight0.3 ounces
Body Color Black
Body Material Plastic
Clippable No
Color Set No
Design Style Slim
Diameter - Grip 10.1 mm
Diameter - Max 10.1 mm
Grip Color Glittery Black
Grip Material Plastic
Ink Characteristics Archival Quality, Glitter, Pigment Ink
Ink Refillable No
Length - Capped 14.7 cm
Length - Posted 16.7 cm
Length - Uncapped 13.9 cm
Mechanism Capped
Pre-Installed Ink Color Clear
Tip Length 6.1 mm
Tip Material Felt
Tip Type Conical


July 11, 2013
Pros: - A gorgeous...
Verified Purchase
- A gorgeous shimmer that's subtly visible even in the shade, but sparkles like dazzling powdered stars in full light.
- The glitter particles are wonderfully small as well, more like an expensive eye-shadow than clunky classroom glitter, which makes for a more grownup and professional shine.
- Also the fluid itself is genuinely clear, not at all tinted silver or white itself; which means this can be used over any colour without dulling it.

- However, it's not waterproof, or pen-proof, or brush-proof; which means that anything you try to put over the top will smudge it and also collect glitter particles. This also includes varnishing and sealing mediums, unless you spray them on. But if you use this pen as the very last step of you work it should be fine.
- If this is used on a shiny cardstock there's a chance it will never dry properly and will smudge off again quite easily.
- It doesn't work so well on dark backgrounds, as the glitter seems to benefit from having the light of a pale background to illuminate it. On black it seems much duller.

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March 26, 2011
Great product. It puts...
Verified Purchase
Great product. It puts just enough sparkle and you can put it over any Copic marker without it changing the color! I've always used gel pens with colored ink.. I have to say I won't go back and use those again! Another amazing Copic product!

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January 12, 2011
very cute.. you can layer...
Verified Purchase
very cute.. you can layer sparkles to make a stronger sparkle effect, but like the other review said, it can pick up colour (but you can just rub it off.) a good basic since you can sparkle other colours with clear!

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November 10, 2014
Great pen for adding...
Verified Purchase
Great pen for adding sparkle to any drawing without changing any colors!

March 28, 2014
not as good as sakura...
Verified Purchase
not as good as sakura gelly roll's glitter pen.
they both have basically the same glitter, but this pen does not leave as much on the paper. also, because of the tip, if you use it over pen that isn't waterproof, it will completely smudge them. i don't run into that problem as much with my gelly roll pens.