Craft Design Technology Graffiti Memo Pad - A7 - 3 mm Graph - Pale Green

Craft Design Technology Graffiti Memo Pad - A7 - 3 mm Graph - Pale Green

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The Graffiti Memo Pad features stone paper, made from stone powder and a non-toxic resin. No trees are required to produce this environmentally-friendly paper, nor does the process generate any water or air pollution. The special stone paper is water-resistant, tear-resistant, and extremely durable. Writing on the paper is an experience in itself. All types of ink write like a dream on this paper—gel ink, fountain pen ink, ballpoint ink, marker ink, and even pencil graphite. The paper has grip, so your pen tip does not slip as you write. It is also feather-resistant and inks do not bleed.

The cover of the memo pad folds back neatly and doesn't get in the way as you write. Pages are perforated for easy removal. The pages are lined with a small 3 mm grid of the brand's signature light green lines.

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The novelty of paper...
October 10, 2014
Verified Purchase
The novelty of paper being made out of limestone is nifty, but it wears of quickly when you realize that you can't use it much for anything other than pencil. Every pen I tried on here smeared. And the pencil marks don't really erase. Like, at all.

I suppose it could make a nice little sketch pad for mini art, so long as you're not concerned about erasing anything. Otherwise, I don't have a use for this pad. Nearly-indestructible origami, maybe?
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I have a little box I...
March 10, 2015
Verified Purchase
I have a little box I keep a small book in, but it's been hard to find a book of the correct size. This one fits just right, and I'm glad to know A7 is what I'm looking for. The paper is also lovely. I might get something by the same company in a bigger size.
Great little notepad...
February 24, 2015
Verified Purchase
Great little notepads.
I like this memo pad...
October 27, 2014
Verified Purchase
I like this memo pad a lot. It feels so smooth and writing on it feels like a dream. Sometimes you can get nicks in it because of a pencil with a very sharp point and with some pens it can bleed and smudge but I don’t use pens very often so its fine with me. I’d say it’s something to try and see if it fits your needs or not.