Craft Design Technology Graffiti Memo Pad - A7 - 3 mm Graph - Vermilion

Craft Design Technology Graffiti Memo Pad - A7 - 3 mm Graph - Vermilion

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The Graffiti Memo Pad features stone paper, made from stone powder and a non-toxic resin. No trees are required to produce this environmentally-friendly paper, nor does the process generate any water or air pollution. The special stone paper is water-resistant, tear-resistant, and extremely durable. Writing on the paper is an experience in itself. All types of ink write like a dream on this paper—gel ink, fountain pen ink, ballpoint ink, marker ink, and even pencil graphite. The paper has grip, so your pen tip does not slip as you write. It is also feather-resistant and inks do not bleed.

The cover of the memo pad folds back neatly and doesn't get in the way as you write. Pages are perforated for easy removal. The pages are lined with a small 3 mm grid of the brand's signature light green lines.

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This is a peculiar thing....
October 15, 2014
Verified Purchase
This is a peculiar thing. Very peculiar.

I bought it on a whim without reading the description. Just needed a pocket pad. When I started using it, strange things began to happen. My pencil was suddenly very dark. Sometimes the pencil point would grip the page in a very odd way. I took a close look. The paper had a very fine, very even tooth which was causing the pencil point to be shaped into a razor sharp chisel point. The chisel edge would then grip the paper, but without piercing it. Sometimes it would "stretch" a thin groove into the paper.

I came back to the Jet Pens site and read the description. Hmmm. "Stone Paper."

This "paper" is plastic. The stone powder must be what gives this paper its very fine tooth. Unlike drafting mylar, this material stretches. You can actually pull and shape it. The tooth doesn't seem to be just a surface treatment. Erasing does not polish the paper as it does with mylar.

I tried it with a fountain pen. The ink bleeds more than I expected. Spreads, really, it never bleeds through the sheet, only outward from the stroke. It seems to bleed more on the un-gridded side of the paper. I don't have any other ink pens handy. I have come colored pencils. The paper takes the color very evenly. If I use too much pressure, the paper will stretch. If I am careful, I can make very even gradient tones. Nice.

I can't stop playing with this very peculiar thing.
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The "paper" is amazing,...
January 19, 2015
Verified Purchase
The "paper" is amazing, I too didn't read much about it when I got it. Turns out the sheets are made of plastic... when you write with graphite on it, the graphite appears darker. It's very smooth to write on, I keep it in my pocket for notes and such. I come up with excuses to write on it, it's by far one of the more unique writing surfaces I have come across. I could get any little pad but I probably won't after enjoying this experience. Although a little pricy, you get what you pay for.