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Deleter Comic Paper - A4 - with Scale - 135 kg - 40 Sheets

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Deleter Comic Paper - A4 - with Scale - 135 kg - 40 Sheets - DELETER 201-1032
  • Deleter Comic Paper - A4 - with Scale - 135 kg - 40 Sheets - DELETER 201-1032
  • Deleter Comic Paper - A4 - with Scale - 135 kg - 40 Sheets - DELETER 201-1032
  • Deleter Comic Paper - A4 - with Scale - 135 kg - 40 Sheets - DELETER 201-1032
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This comic paper is one of Deleter's bestsellers. Pens glide smoothly over the high-quality surface. The sheets contain center marks, frame marks, scales (rulers), page number boxes, and other markings that are useful for organizing your layouts. The markings are printed in blue and do not appear when photocopied. Due to its thickness, the paper can be used for tone work.

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Model NumberDELETER 201-1032
Weight14.2 ounces


January 3, 2013
Awesome thick paper for...
Awesome thick paper for comic and manga illustration!
Use B4 if you are going professional and A4 is you are doing Indie or scanning your comics illustration!
Restock please!

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April 18, 2014
First, let me say that...
Verified Purchase
First, let me say that the rate in which this order was delivered was amazing. I ordered it three days ago and here it is in my hands today! Although the S/H was sort of expensive I honestly think it was still worth it. It came in an 20x23 package, inside there were several layers of bubble wrap covering a cardboard package within the larger package. So they gave their effort towards making sure this paper came perfect, 100%

The paper itself is good, it has a fine, smooth surface just slightly different from a regular piece of paper. Oh and when you opened you see paper sizes A4 and B5 all around the cover (More B5 than A4) I was shocked when I saw B5 everywhere and I honestly thought that I was delivered the paper size! But don't worry because its actually A4 paper, but the ruler size is B5, A5, and B6.

I have yet to use the paper yet as it just came in literally 30 minutes ago but I can ensure you that your order is well worth it. For further information on deleter paper I suggest looking it up on YouTube under channels such as WhytManga etc.

I'll definitely be ordering more stuff from this website and taking advantage of the free shipping deal!


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August 10, 2013
Bought some if this stuff...
Verified Purchase
Bought some if this stuff a few months back. I gotta say, it's probably some of the best paper I've ever drawn on. I draw a lot of my own comics, and this paper is just awesome for it. The blue guidelines for panels are extremely convenient, and make it effortless when creating them. The quality is really good, too. It can take a lot of heavy erasing and a lot of ink without warping or withering. However, when using some liquid ink and even markers, the ink may bleed through the paper - as many paper types do. So it'd be good to have the paper on something that you don't mind staining, or keep a sheet of scrap paper underneath. So in conclusion, this stuff is great. If you're at all interested in writing/illustrating your own comics or manga, I highly recommend this. And 9 dollars for 40 sheets, there's no way you could go wrong.

PS. This stuff will also fit in pretty much any scanner you could have in your home, which is awesome. So buy this stuff!

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October 30, 2014
i love this paper...feels...
Verified Purchase
i love this paper...feels too thin at first but it's actually very sturdy. erases well and so smooth-pencils just glide. and scales are a definite plus (just scan it in and then scales vanish). highly recommended.

March 15, 2014
This is wonderful paper!...
Verified Purchase
This is wonderful paper! I've been buying it for months; works excellently! Great for copics, fountain and dip pens! Haven't tried watercolor yet... smooth, the measurement lines on the sides are PERFECT for making your comic boxes! Phenomenal paper... highly recommend!