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Deleter Comic Paper - B4 - with Scale - 135 kg - 40 Sheets


Deleter Comic Paper - B4 - with Scale - 135 kg - 40 Sheets - DELETER 201-1034
  • Deleter Comic Paper - B4 - with Scale - 135 kg - 40 Sheets - DELETER 201-1034
  • Deleter Comic Paper - B4 - with Scale - 135 kg - 40 Sheets - DELETER 201-1034
  • Deleter Comic Paper - B4 - with Scale - 135 kg - 40 Sheets - DELETER 201-1034
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This comic paper is one of Deleter's bestsellers. Pens glide smoothly over the high-quality surface. The sheets contain center marks, frame marks, scales (rulers), page number boxes, and other markings that are useful for organizing your layouts. The markings are printed in blue and do not appear when photocopied. Due to its thickness, the paper can be used for tone work.

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Model NumberDELETER 201-1034
Shipping Weight21.00 oz

1 person found this helpful
  poor paper, if all you..., February 13, 2014
By b_g... - See all my reviews
poor paper, if all you do is draw and ink, it works nicely, but lay a screentone down on it and it tears the surface, and all the time you spent inking the surface with it, frustrating enough to make me want to break something

IC INC makes a far superior mangascript, you have to import it and it costs a little bit more but the difference is night and day
1 person found this helpful
  this paper is awesome!..., October 7, 2013
By shielowlorimer - See all my reviews
this paper is awesome! perfect for aspiring manga artists, this kind of paper is hard to find now-a-days because its always sold out, but really this is perfect paper, its great for g pen use, and perfect measurement for aspiring comic artists and mangakas! please keep re-ordering jetpens! my manga depends on you!! :)
I would highly recommend this paper without a doubt! well done deleter! :D
1 person found this helpful
  Deleter paper is great!..., December 13, 2012
By gstrikedragon - See all my reviews
Deleter paper is great! It's good for both beginners(for it's measurement grids) as well as professional(for organizing). Th surface is smooth enough for pen lines to be drawn consistently and clearly, and weighted well enough to be used for durability and tracing over a light box. The only downside with this paper is that multiple pen strokes can scratch the paper, causing it to catch(give it 3 or 4, the paper starts to catch a bit), and some inks don't cooperate on the surface(used Higgins on this and the lines ended up being fizzy). However this paper is highly recommended for both the new and old manga/comic artist and makes drawing manga easier and more authentic!

G-Strike D.
check out my art on
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2 people found this helpful
  What I needed: Blue-lined..., October 16, 2012
By bigpockets - See all my reviews
What I needed: Blue-lined B4 size paper that had a good price point (ruled out importing).
What I found: Canson Fanboy B4 paper. Good Price, subpar paper for inking with a dip pen.
The Solution: Jetpens! As soon as I saw they were carrying Deleter B4 paper I ordered it!
Indeed this was what I needed all along. Well priced, super smooth without bleeding, thin without being too thin (good for lightboxing) and very faint blue lines which helps you ignore them when you need to.
Thanks for carrying this Jetpens! I look forward to any more B4 paper offerings you may come up with.

  Best paper for a manga..., July 27, 2013
By sougustavosouza - See all my reviews
Best paper for a manga page.