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June 14, 2013
Well I give this pen...
Verified Purchase
Well I give this pen five stars! It has amazing ink flow and pressure! I would recommend this product to comic/manga artist due to the line control. But I must warn you that there is a special coating in the pen to make sure that it dosent rust, but a toothbrush and some some soap would help get that off. Be mindful that if you dont get the coating removed the ink on your pen would slip right off. But all in all this is a must have and please keep these in stock. Thanks Jetpens!!!

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December 22, 2014
Great nibs, they come...
Verified Purchase
Great nibs, they come in a nice little container bag too so they don't get lost shuffling about with everything. Fun for all purpose drawing you can get a pretty decent line variety out of them too. I have a bit of a heavy hand so I can't get too thin - but I'm sure that it's possible.

December 22, 2014
Superb for drawing. ...
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Superb for drawing.

December 11, 2014
These are my favorite!...
Verified Purchase
These are my favorite! Speedball is the only brand I can buy locally, but I packed up all of my old nibs for good once I started using these. They last a long time; just be sure to put them somewhere you will remember, because the package is small and easily lost (much like tablet pen nibs, haha).

November 22, 2014
Despite being advertised...
Verified Purchase
Despite being advertised as Deleter nibs they're actually made by Nikko, which is a little confusing. But they're pretty good and fountain pen inks work well with them when compared to other nibs that don't.

November 1, 2013
These are actually Nikko...
Verified Purchase
These are actually Nikko brand G nibs and not Deleter. They are just repackaged. I have ordered the maru nibs from Deleter and those were actually Deleter branded nibs. These are amazing and Nikko G nibs are known for their quality so i can't complain. These nibs are capable of making hairline thick lines to lines that are 1.3mm in thickness. Gives a bit more line variation than a Brause N°361 "Blue Pumpkin" and holds it's ink a bit better. I can't say much for durability but it seems sturdy enough and i don't see any of these nibs breaking unless you handle them like an animal. It's just a smooth and enjoyable nib and a must have for any artist.