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This tone sheet works...
July 1, 2014
Verified Purchase
This tone sheet works extremely well. It's easy to cut out shapes and peel away the unwanted sections. You can even save scraps for later by putting them back on the sheet. Because the dot pattern is consistent, clean and sharp, it will create a proper gray tone when original artwork is reduced.

However, the price is pretty bad. I've used the regular size sheets before, and was shocked at how tiny the Jr. sheets are. I really wish JetPens would carry the standard Deleter tones instead of the Jr. tones, or at least reduce the price significantly. It's _incredibly_ frustrating how high the markup is on these things! In Japan you can get the standard size B4 tone sheets for about $2.50 each, and the Jr. sheets are about $1.50 each. Even the Deleter shop for the USA is selling B4 sheets for $4.59 each, and they're the ones who make it!

So although it's a nice product, I've got to take away points due to the cost. It's too much for such a small sheet. There's no way anyone could make a comic with these without going broke. If you just want to see what they're like, I'd say give it a shot. But if you want to do something practical with them, you're going to have to find another source somehow, or use a different method.
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tears a little too easily...
July 30, 2015
Verified Purchase
tears a little too easily for my liking but is very high quality and I liked the way it makes my art work look
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