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This is currently my...
June 12, 2013
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This is currently my favorite ink for using to ink the lines on my watercolors and also whenever I do ink drawings and water out the ink. The washes are quite smooth even when diluted if using it for that.
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I like this ink but it...
June 20, 2013
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I like this ink but it isn't matte like the description says. It has about the same amount of gloss as Yasutomo sumi ink. Still, it's a nice, solid black and flows well from dip pens.
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This is one of my favorite...
May 28, 2015
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This is one of my favorite inks for B&W images. It flows extremely well, and is an amazingly dark ink. In fact, it's the darkest out of all of the Deleter inks. It is also highly waterproof. The finish is more of a semi-matte technically, but is as matte as other "matte" inks. This does not work well with Copic/Alcohol based markers, at all (its their only ink that isnt, however the #2 is best at handling alcohol markers). I highly recommend this ink.
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Best black ink. Matte...
August 3, 2016
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Best black ink. Matte makes the lines pop off the page. It is waterproof!
Amazing ink! It's waterproof...
June 29, 2016
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Amazing ink! It's waterproof and very dark so it's perfect for all my watercolor needs.

My only gripe is sometimes when I open the bottle there's an ink bubble that forms and sometimes it pops resulting in a mini explosion of ink and a MESS. Not sure if this is common in inks (this is the first ink/ink bottle I ever used) but it's something to be cautious for.
Kinda smudges with copic...
January 14, 2016
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Kinda smudges with copic markers, but it's nice and dark. Really thick. Good for making black and white pieces, not so much for color.
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