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  Great ink! The best available...., December 27, 2011
Great ink! The best available. You don't need to shake the bottle. It works great with a brush and it doesent react with the black. I had awful experience with the Kaimei White and believe me this is the best white ink that you can get on jetpens.
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  A VERY thick, white,..., June 20, 2013
A VERY thick, white, opaque ink. Great for corrections. I was able to thin it with water in a dappen dish, to create lines with a dip pen. Otherwise it needs to be brushed on. It dries pretty fast and is easy to clean up.
  This is one of the few..., March 28, 2013
By por...
This is one of the few whiteouts that works, it's opaque, can be diluted in water to make it run in nibs and or brushes.
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  PLEASE RESTOCK!!!..., April 5, 2012
By aba...