Deleter Neopiko Comic Paper Pad - B5 (6.9" X 9.8") - 50 Sheets

Deleter Neopiko Comic Paper Pad - B5 (6.9" X 9.8") - 50 Sheets

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Great for illustration, this paper is designed specifically for use with Neopiko markers but also works well with other inks, pencils, and pastels. Ink colors can be layered and blurred. The paper is thin, making it ideal for tracing, but ink does not bleed.

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April 24, 2015
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For what's offered in the description, this meets up to standards. I have never tried copics on it, but my dip pen didn't bleed through (though it did feather). The paper is exceptionally thin, perfect for tracing. My fude pens also don't bleed (though fude pens are designed not to bleed). Even so, they didn't bleed even a little despite the thinness of the paper. I would certainly appreciate a hard cardboard backing seeing how the backing here is a little thinner than Bristol, making it very difficult to draw without a hard surface. I highly advise against using this as final draft paper of any sort. Also, the paper rips out rather easily, so be wary when flipping through it harshly. Overall, this is more of a doodling pad for your fude pens rather than paper in which to draw your final work; it is good calligraphy paper, as well. Meets up to set standards, certainly did not exceed them in any way, though.
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