Derwent Graphik Line Painter Pen - 5 Color Set 2 - 0.5 mm

Derwent Graphik Line Painter Pen - 5 Color Set 2 - 0.5 mm

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Use these wonderfully versatile paint pens to create a variety of cool effects from crisp line art to stylish dribbles and splatters:

  • Use the fine marker nib to draw sharp lines or fill larger areas.
  • Pump the nib against the paper to produce a droplet of paint that can be moved or blended with a brush, or tilted or blown on to create a dribble or splatter effect.
  • Flick the pen or blow on the nib to create a finer splatter of paint droplets.

While wet, the ink is blendable and can be moved or diluted with a brush. Once dry, the ink is permanent, waterproof, and suitable for layering.

This set comes in a synthetic paper case with a snap closure and cool artwork. It includes five colors: #02 Clockwork (Orange), #08 Brilliant (Blue), #09 High (Sky Blue), #13 Envy (Yellow Green), and #15 Bricklane (Brown).

Except for #02 Clockwork (Orange) and #15 Bricklane (Brown), the pens in this set are considered lightfast, with a Blue Wool Scale lightfastness rating of 6/8 or better.

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