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I love this ink! My...
January 31, 2014
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I love this ink!

My favorite brown ink was the Parker Brown. They quit making it many years ago but it was a really dark brown with just a hint of red tones and it dried almost instantly had no bleed through on most papers and held up well to moisture. You might wonder why I am talking about how great another ink is in the review for the ink??? Because, in my search for a new #1 brown ink, I compared the qualities of almost 30 inks and this is the closest in color and useability that I would find. I did full page writing tests with 4 different nib size pens to test drying time, bleed through and other features and then soaked the whole page in water to see which ones held up the best and this was by far my number one pick. I have more hours into finding my favorite brown ink than any other color. I really like this ink and always have a bottle at home.
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Great color, a wonderful...
September 30, 2015
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Great color, a wonderful rich brown...I'm never disappointed with Diamine inks...always a favorite..!!
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