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LIGHTFAST and water-soluble...
June 27, 2013
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LIGHTFAST and water-soluble - great for drawing. Most fountain pen inks (except the water-insoluble pigment ones like the Noodler's bulletproof ones, Sailor Nano inks, and Platinum Carbon Black) fade quickly and/or shift color AND fade in the light. This one doesn't, at least in my tests which are currently going on 5 months in a sunny window vs. a control in a drawer. This has been previouisly been noted for Diamine Gray by other people on the web, along with J. Herbin Gris Nuage, which is a lovely ethereal light blue-gray which also appears to be lightfast. In my own tests, Diamine Jet Black (but not over a dozen other water-soluble blacks I have tested) is also lightfast - 4 months and counting in my sunny window. All good additions to your drawing kit. (I have other suggests for a few colored inks that are pretty lightfast and good for drawing, but that doesn't go here.)

This ink behaves well in a fountain pen too. NOT good for signing checks - too soluble - but WONDERFUL for drawing.
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I like it, it is pretty...
May 16, 2015
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I like it, it is pretty nice color, and is not that wet when you write. I found some inks are more wet and less wet, no mater what fountain pen you use or nib. So this is definitely for me dry writing ink which I like. People who use fountain pens and all kind of inks know what I'm talking about. Very good product.
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