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August 12, 2012
I keep this ink in my...
Verified Purchase
I keep this ink in my pink Lamy Safari at all times because the ink matches the barrel color so well. I find the ink very saturated with not much shading but then I use a fine nib so how much shading are you going to get? This pink definitely has some blue undertones and is very striking when I use it on my calendar - a great shocking pink color.

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April 14, 2014
Awesome color! I was...
Verified Purchase
Awesome color! I was looking for a nice bold pink to replace my platinum preppy pink ink cartridge. I was unsure about the variances between this ink and others, but I decided eventually to go with this ink. The color is slightly different with more of a blue undertone rather than a red/magenta/scarlet undertone seen in the preppy ink. However, it is still a nice shocking hot pink color, which is exactly what I was searching for. I am pleased with my purchase and can now write in pink to my heart's content.