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October 15, 2012
This is a deep blue ink...
Verified Purchase
This is a deep blue ink with a GORGEOUS golden sheen. It's truly reminiscent of the light from a sunset reflecting off lazy ocean waves.

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March 4, 2014
This ink is AMAZING....
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This ink is AMAZING. I purchased this along with a Z24 converter for my Lamy Safari with an EF nib. The blue that the Safari came with was much too light and diluted for me, so I chose this ink after reading many reviews and considering many options. I could not be happier. The blue is VERY dark, but it is not even close to being a "Blue-Black" ink. There is a very light, red sheen that makes the ink pop even more from your paper. This is definitely becoming one of my staple inks.

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November 6, 2013
This ink has excellent...
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This ink has excellent color, deep blue with a red sheen. The only issues with this ink is that if the pen is uncapped for two minutes or so (on a Faber Castell medium nib at least), the ink dries on the nib and you would need a few strokes to get it started again. Otherwise, I would give it five star. Diamine makes good ink, lots of color choices, and each bottle holds plenty of ink. I also quite like the ink bottle, although the old version (with green cap and golden labels and box) is much more attractive. Don't know why Diamine changed the package...perhaps to cut cost? Hope they'll bring the old classic packaging back.

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December 2, 2014
I ordered two bottles...
Verified Purchase
I ordered two bottles of the Diamine "Sargasso Sea" ink sight unseen, based on website reviews and colors. (Plus, how can you go wrong ordering a product from a company that's been around since Abe Lincoln was President?) I was more than satisfied: the ink is a deep dark blue (much improved over the washed-out stuff I'd been using), flows smoothly and writes evenly. I'm using it in a Paradise Pen in-store brand (5280) w/a gold medium point nib, a pen that has been a bit fussy w/other inks. Absolutely no problem with the Diamine product.