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This is my favorite notebook....
June 20, 2014
This is my favorite notebook. What makes it ideal is that it is just large enough and thick enough to be really useful, but light enough to go everywhere. The spiral is durable but not bulky-- doesn't get caught on things. The paper moves easily on the spiral, so the notebook always lays flat and both sides of the paper can easily be used. Some people might like a thicker cardboard, but I find it just thick enough to use the pad wherever, without additional support. It looks great-- cool, not ostentatious. The paper is excellent. Nice color, between white and ivory, not too bright. I'm not a huge fan of grid paper in general, but it is subdued on these notebooks; the lines stand out more, which is what I prefer.
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Although I like the gridlines...
August 18, 2015
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Although I like the gridlines and the sturdiness of the paper, I have to admit I'm a little disappointed because it's not as fountain pen friendly as I thought it would be. Even with fine-point nibs, there's some feathering and even bleeding, although not as much as with some cheaper and inferior papers. I find myself using other pads when writing with a fountain pen, which is too bad as I really do enjoy the look and feel of the Doane paper.
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love it...
June 16, 2015
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love it
This is my go to notebook...
March 31, 2015
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This is my go to notebook for taking notes while I work at my desk. The paper is fine for fountain pens especially since I use mainly fine and extra fine nibs.
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