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Doane Paper


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Doane Paper Grid + Lines Utility Notebook - Small - Garage Series - Pack of 3 - DOANE PAPER 010
Awesome notebooks! I got them to use in my traveler's notebook setup, and I've been very impressed with the paper performance. I've been using a fine-nibbed Kaweco Ice Sport fountain pen loaded with a Kaweco brown cartridge, and aside from the moments when I've lingered a few seconds or run over a line too many times, there's been no bleed and very little show-through.

I know the grid+lines setup is Doane's thing, but if this paper existed in a blank version or dot grid version as well, I'd be all over that. As it is, I'm still liking the notebooks.

About Doane Paper

Before founding Doane Paper, Chad Doane noticed that some work colleagues used lined legal pads while others used grid paper notebooks. This inspired his idea to combine the two, and Doane Paper's distinct Grid + Lines pattern was born. Since then, the paper has enjoyed great popularity as a versatile format for both writers and artists.