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  Please restock, I am..., November 3, 2009
Please restock, I am still waiting.
  PLEASE RESTOCK!!! I bought..., October 15, 2009
PLEASE RESTOCK!!! I bought the light green and the light blue one and I love them! And now I want the whole set! So please restock!!!!
  Please restock..., October 3, 2009
Please restock
  Please restock these...., September 24, 2009
Please restock these. I was ready to get them today, but someone beat me to it. :(
  Thank you Savanna1980...., September 21, 2009
Thank you Savanna1980. I appreciate you. :) That lets me know what single ones I need to buy.
  I got one awhile back...., September 12, 2009
I got one awhile back. And I fell in love with it. I have the black one. I plan to buy the pack and get the other ones too. I would like to collect them all. I just wish the colors were listed for the 10 pack.
  Please bring these and..., August 29, 2009
Please bring these and the other Miffy pens back in stock! I absolutely adore these pens, I got my first set sometime around elementary school/middle school I believe and was so sad when I finished them because I could no longer find them anywhere... I stock up on these pens, the ink color and flow is sooo nice.
  I bought these for my..., September 30, 2008
I bought these for my friend and she adores them so I bought myself a set too. They all smell the same (sort of a grape pez smell), but they are so cute and colorful that I don't mind the mono-scent. Smooth writing and fairly fine tip. Good for anyone who loves collecting pens.
  Love these! Vibrant colors,..., July 17, 2008
Love these! Vibrant colors, perfect for taking notes. The ink flows very well and they last me a while.
  These are great! So smooth...., May 1, 2008
These are great! So smooth. The smell is faint and not unpleasant. They are a wonderful pen for the price!
  These are cute, but you..., August 25, 2007
These are cute, but you can't really smell them. If you use your imagination, and put your nose on the paper, there's a sweet-inky smell to them. :) 9 of the pens wrote great, if a tiny bit thick for my taste, except for the light green, which left ink glops all over the paper. For the price, they're definately worth it. A little girl would love these as a gift!!!
  Honestly, it's hard to..., May 29, 2007
Honestly, it's hard to smell the scent since this is such a fine point pen and you'd have to write quite a bit to get much ink on the page. However, they do smell quite nice if you get yer schnoz right down on the paper and sniff... I love these pens so far - the ink is strong and the roller tip writes super smoothly and consistently, even in the hand of one not used to such a fine point pen...whee!
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  I was excited to get..., May 22, 2013
By mfo...
I was excited to get these pens in the mail until I tried them. At first the ink didnt really work well so I thought I just had to "break it in". But then I kept giving them a chance and every letter I would have to do it over again. The scents are nice, but after rewriting every letter my hand started hurting.
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  This pens suck horrible..., September 30, 2008
This pens suck horrible writing dont smell and way to pricy dont buy these junky things!!! The black is the only one that smells and it smells like crap!!
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  my mom's in korea and..., November 28, 2010
By hel...
my mom's in korea and she sent me these penz frum korea..... gess how much they were??!!!!!!!!! in korea, they were only $4.00! online, they're 3 times more expensive!! they work great, smell good, but online, they're a rip-off...