Dong-A Miffy Scented Gel Pen - 0.5 mm - Blue Black

Dong-A Miffy Scented Gel Pen - 0.5 mm - Blue Black

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Adorable color gel pens decorated with Dick Bruna's famous bunny character Miffy. Great for writing and popular among students, they're perfect for their strong tip and the rich lines they write in. With a 0.5 mm thickness, it's just the right size for comfortable writing and organized notes.

Comes in 18 great sweet scented colors!

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I have always been a...
April 18, 2008
Verified Purchase
I have always been a fan of Dong-A pens - but these are my new favorites! The scents are subtle - you won't be taking notes and have everyone wondering who opened the bag of candy. Yet, the scents are pleasant and make writing all the more enjoyable.

But the best thing about these pens is the ink! The ink is incredibly vibrant and dark and beautiful - the ink makes you want to write more. The tip is strong and the pen is
comfortable. If you like the original Hi-Tec C - this is even better.
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There's a very, very...
September 28, 2015
Verified Purchase
There's a very, very subtle scent to the pen. Anyone looking for a nice breath of a scent upon uncapping will probably be disappointed. In addition, the ink tends to not set very well, and it while it doesn't exactly "feather," it certainly doesn't write nearly as clean or neat a line as a similar .5 mm Hi-Tec-C or another pen like that. If the scent isn't that big a selling point, there are most definitely better pens for around the same price point, give or take a dollar.
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I love all Dong-A Miffy...
October 17, 2014
Verified Purchase
I love all Dong-A Miffy pens. Smooth writing and deep nice colors. Yes, they are scented, but I love how they write.
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Ok but doesn't start...
August 25, 2016
Verified Purchase
Ok but doesn't start writing right away. I can't smell any scent, either, but that's OK.
Okay. I wanted scented...
August 5, 2016
Verified Purchase
Okay. I wanted scented pens and ordered three of these. They have a very faint scent, nothing like Mr. Sketch markers. At first I could smell anything and unscrewed the cartridge. There is a scent but it doesn't seem to come out with the ink. Oh well.
I like the point size and the bright ink...when it doesn't skip.
I found that if you scribble a bit the ink gets going.