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  I LOVE these! I bought..., February 20, 2010
I LOVE these! I bought the blue quite awhile ago, just to test the pen and see if they really worked. I wound up being so happy with the performance that I bought the whole set!

Don't dry too long, just like another reviewer said. It will make the ink crumbly and it will shrivel up. I wrote with the blue one in a handmade book I made for someone - and many, many months later, it's still pretty dimensional. That's after having the book closed tightly for all this time.

I feel comfortable recommending these - they are totally different than "normal" pens - and the ones I've received haven't had any flaws. They're grreeaat! :)

(My 10 year old loves to play with them, too!)
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  This was very good! I..., March 20, 2009
This was very good! I didn't get the full set since they were sold out but these pens work great for all my purposes! I TOTALLY recommend these pens _w_ :]
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  So cool. *_* I love them..., April 9, 2013
So cool. *_* I love them so much! Everything positive about them is already said, so I won't bother but wow these are amazing.
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  These pens are AWESOME..., July 15, 2012
By yel...
These pens are AWESOME I use them for everything!
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  ~~ Oh, one thing. Don't..., January 13, 2009
By alw38
~~ Oh, one thing. Don't heat them for too long or the puffs will start to dry out and harden as well as somewhat shrivel (spelling?) up.~~
  The colors are nice and..., June 15, 2009
The colors are nice and they do puff, but I've noticed that they run out of ink quickly and sometimes you have to squeeze REALLY hard to get the ink out.
  I wasn't sure how much..., January 13, 2009
By alw38
I wasn't sure how much I would like these so I only got one. As soon as I got it in the mail, I tried it out. I absolutely love it! It puffed up really well and quite quickly when using my embosser heat tool. The puffiness is not delicate and will barely get crushed down with pressed. It also will not smear or rub off unless you scrap hard at it with your fingernail. It even puffs up when it has dried (at least, for me [with the heat tool]). I am eagerly waiting for the 10 color set to come back in stock so I can buy it!
  These pens are so much..., November 9, 2008
These pens are so much fun! If your a craft person you'll absolutely love these. And if your easily amused watching them pop up with heat will fascinate you for hours. So much fun my mom stole my original set and made me buy not only a new one for myself, but an extra 3 for herself and to give as gifts.
  i just have to add on......, June 19, 2008
i just have to add on... these pens are nice but you have to squeeze them to work and i still havn't gooten two of them to work at all... but the color sare nice and they puff.
  these pens are AWEOME!!..., June 15, 2008
these pens are AWEOME!! They really work! and they don't take long to puff up either! i used them on my eye glass case, and they work really good, they don't come off! also if you draw something and later you decide you want to puff it up but the ink is already dry, it still works!!!!!
  These pens work great!..., April 7, 2008
These pens work great! Took a little longer to puff with a hairdryer but took only seconds to puff with a craft heating gun. (The kind for stamp embossing.) Lots of fun for my kids and me. 5 stars all the way for these pens. I'm ordering another set.
  They do puff ! For the..., April 4, 2008
They do puff ! For the first times i would start drying it with the hairdryer right after i would write with them on paper , but i left it once a little bit more to dry from itself some and after, i used the hairdryer, only for a little and it puffed imediately .... i am blahbing too much ^^ the most importantis that this pens are really puffy and i loove them
  So much fun to pay with..., April 1, 2008
So much fun to pay with and great for craft with kids!!
  I first discovered this..., March 12, 2008
I first discovered this in Japan. And I hoarded a lot of these when I moved to the States. I'm really glad that you can buy this in the US now. Never tried a blower, but I use a heatgun wit these pens and it works great! I just made a card with it and you can see it at
  I love these pens. I'm..., February 29, 2008
I love these pens. I'm not sure what temp you need to reach, to get the best "puffiness" but the hair dryer I used ( Vidal Sassoon ) is a very powerful, and I got some nice puffiness - pretty big "puffs".
  just kidding. these..., January 7, 2008
just kidding.
these were excellent!!
they puffed up, and there so pretty, i love the colors.
thanks jetpens! _3
  i was quite dissapointed.. i..., January 7, 2008
i was quite dissapointed..
i tried blow drying it as asked.
and there was no puffiness.
it just turned glossy.
overall im really upset.
but it came in a cute clever package.
i dont know if im doing it exactly right.
but if i am, this isn't as great as i expected it to be. =[
  I gave these out to my..., December 26, 2007
I gave these out to my new neice by marriage this Christmas and wanted to set a good impression to her that her new aunt was 'cool'. Unfortunately these pen did not live up to their advertisement. We followed instructions to squeeze the ink and use blow dryer hot heat and still not much of our writing popped. Most of the pens don't have nice flowing ink and soon it became tiresome trying to get them to write. Now I owe my neice a new present. :-(
  These popcorn pens are..., November 10, 2007
These popcorn pens are so cool. They can be come so puffy. The only thing that I don't like about these pens is that some don't puff as well as others and that it takes alot of heat to make them puff. How many times my hairdryer turned off on me because it got to hot for the hairdryer, but these are so cool.
  i love it it is so p..., June 21, 2007
i love it it is so puffy
  I have to do another..., August 30, 2006
I have to do another test run to be sure, but in my experience you have to use the blow dryer as quickly as possible after you write. When the ink is still wet, it puffs better. By the time it dries it doesn't puff as much.

Also, you can do multliple layers to make it more puffy. I think the ink can only get so puffy, so you have to add another layer on to make more puffiness. ;D
  How do you make the ink..., August 27, 2006
How do you make the ink puff? I purchased this set and tried varying levels of ink thickness, different techniques to drying (high heat from front, from back, low heat from front, from back, no heating), and can't get it to puff.
  i bought those white..., May 19, 2006
i bought those white uniball pens....fabulous!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! they are perfect....exactly what i needed for scrapbooking......and i was very impressed with your service, delivery was quick, timely, and i am very satisfied....
i will definitely be buying pens from you again...and i have told others to come to your store to buy the white signo pens...,.
thank you ever so much!
liz armstrong
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  I just want to say that..., November 20, 2011
By nul...
I just want to say that this isn't a Japanese Product put a Korean Product...
0 out of 1 people found the following review helpful
  Can I use the normal..., January 27, 2010
By duo...
Can I use the normal heat dryer for it???