E+M Extension Maximo Artbox Pencil Holder + 2 Pencils - Zebrano

E+M Extension Maximo Artbox Pencil Holder + 2 Pencils - Zebrano

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This E+M pencil holder is an elegant way to extend the life of your favorite pencil! It features a beautifully crafted natural wood body, stamped with the E+M logo. The chrome metal point contains a twist mechanism for loosening and tightening the clutch. The clutch fits all standard size pencils, including triangular and hexagonal bodies. Approximately 3.75 inches (9.5 cm) of pencil can fit inside the holder.

This zebrawood pencil extension comes in a sophisticated black gift box, and includes two short pencils.

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So what do you get for...
March 10, 2015
Verified Purchase
So what do you get for the artist that has everything? Simple answer: a really nice E+M Extension Maximo Artbox Zebrano Pencil Holder that I have been eyeing for some time. Made in Germany. Most artists' first choice of sketching and drawing tool is the humble graphite pencil. As they get shorter with use, pencil stubs can be difficult to hold and sharpen further. If you invest in premium pencils, you would also want to effectively use most of their graphite lead. When a wooden pencil's length gets under 3" or 4" from sharpening it, your grip and control over your mark-making gets compromised. A good pencil holder can securely grip your pencil stubs and give you back those missing inches of barrel length for a comfortable and balanced feeling in your hand while drawing and sketching. The variegated zebrano wood gives this extender a distinct and elegant look that sets it apart from your average pencil extender. Given the natural variability of the light and dark streak patterns in the source wood, I expect that no two holder barrels are exactly alike. Thus if having a unique sketching tool appeals to your sense of individuality, this might just be the right pencil holder for you. From experience, I have found that the extenders with metal screw-style collars have a more reliable grip on the pencils than the classic sliding ring and clutch style peanpole extenders. While it might not have all the functionality of its Staedtler counterpart, the Extension Maximo Artbox pencil holder makes a bold statement on a well-equipped elegant desk or contemporary drafting board. Just make sure to place it in a proper ledge or tray since it is bound to roll away on inclined surfaces. The E+M Extension Maximo Artbox Zebrano Pencil Holder is a great looking pencil accessory that I would recommend for studio use exclusively, for it is much too precious to risk losing it on a sketchcrawl or field trip. I am quite confident that the special artists in your gift list would treasure it for years to come.
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A well constructed pencil...
May 15, 2015
Verified Purchase
A well constructed pencil holder that requires some detail work: (1) grip section is a little slippery. The etched rings help but some stippling would work even better; (2) the wood diameter creates a noticeable step between the grip and the wood. A little more tapering on the wood or a little wider grip section would work pretty well providing continuity of feel and aesthetics; (3) on the version I received there is no E+M logo and it would help to show pride of manufacturer; and (4) the wood itself is superb and pleasing to the touch. Overall, a good but not necessarily great effort.
I have a great many pencil extenders but no E+M peanpole extenders yet. Have to try those to see...Thanks Jetpens for bringing in this great stuff for us to try.
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