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I really wanted to like...
September 30, 2015
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I really wanted to like this, since it's so simple. However, it's very specific about the size pencil it'll hold. Also, the metal ring gets in the way if I want to grip the holder and not the pencil. The wood is a nice material, though.
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Am I the only girl who...
April 25, 2012
Verified Purchase
Am I the only girl who thought that they could use this as an eyeliner pencil extender?

Welp, that was my intention for buying it and I have to say, it has a great style and I wish I used more "real" wooden pencils so that I could break it out more often.

So...the question at hand - does it actually work for eyeliner pencils?

Well... as for that. Wooden pencils and eyeliner pencils clearly don't share the same specs, or I am a complete dummy at using this extender.

I say this because I find that all of my eyeliner pencils are too fat to fit in this! D:

For that, I rate my eyeliner pencils lower and not this! *shakes fist at eyeliner pencils*

This probably works exactly well for what it was intended for, so it gets a 4.
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