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I bought this pencil...
April 14, 2015
I bought this pencil a couple of months ago and have enjoyed using it. The heft is nice, the look good, and so far I have been pleased with its performance. I ordered Prismacolor turquoise-colored and kaweco red leads to use with it since I use it for grading.

A reviewer of a different color version of this pencil noted that the metal tip unscrewed easily. I noted one time so far where I had to tighten the tip so I haven't really seen that as an issue. However, I have noted that the mechanism seems to have a little give internally and the pencil rattles a little. This appears to be more of a "cosmetic" issue than a performance concern.

Overall, this is a comfortable and fun lead-holder to use and worth the price. I just wish that more colored leads that were darker in color were available.
NB Teacher
I am LOVING the weight...
May 29, 2012
Verified Purchase
I am LOVING the weight and feel of this leadholder, very solid and substantial (I like my writing utensils on the heavy side). Nice, solid knock mechanism. A pleasure to draw with so far.

Wish I knew what hardness lead came with it, feels to be on the softer side. Also the chrome accent knock button and tip look to be already nicked and scratched! Looks good enough from a distance but if you look closely it's not nice at all.
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