Back in 1899 E+M Holzprodukte was founded by Mr. Konrad Ehmann. Under his brand name Turnery Ehmann, the company produced more than 10.000 different models of nib penholders for customers all over the world and became Germany´s largest manufacturer of nib penholders. During the World War 2 the production was completely destroyed and only few models could further be produced.

In 1983, Mr. Wolfram Mümmler, the fourth generation of the founder family, restarted the production of wooden writing instruments. A variety of clutch pencils, wooden pens, mechanical pencils and accessories were developed.

Since 2003 Mr. Wolfram Mümmler is the sole owner of the business and established the company name E+M Holzprodukte. The "E" comes from "Ehmann" and the "M" comes from Mümmler