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The colors include: Baby Pink, Pink, Rose Pink, Coral Pink, Red, Orange, Apricot Orange, Yellow, Apple Green, Leaf Green, Green, Turquoise Green, Light Blue, Sky Blue, Aqua Blue, Blue, Blue Black, Violet, Grape, Dark Red, Brown, Coffee Brown, Black, and Grey.

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May the pen force be with you!
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In our Pen Projects blog post, we showed you how to decorate your own customized Thank You cards using various JetPens supplies. Now you have a chance to win a whole set of Pilot Juice pens to try in your own cards!

These brilliantly colorful pens contain pigment-based ink, which is vividly colorful! They can also write on photographs and other glossy papers, which makes them great for all sorts of projects from scrapbooking to various paper crafts.
Official Contest Rules
Official Contest Rules