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  I was shocked to find..., December 18, 2013
By ber...
I was shocked to find how beautifully crafted these booklets are for the great price of $10! Super durable covers that seem to be very thinly laminated (water & tear resistance) and are just a steal for the price. Very smooth and work well with all types of writing instruments. You will want many more field notes booklets!
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  Lavvv this. Like the..., August 12, 2013
By all...
Lavvv this. Like the previous reviewer stated, this California State FN memo book's cover is of thicker stock. Not like "WHOA THAT'S THICK" but it's noticeably more durable than the regular FN memo book's covers. I turned one into a planner/scheduler (monthly) and I love it. I've given up on the other famous 3x5 notebook brand due to the paper quality being quite flimsy, and will continue buying Field Notes instead.
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   It wasn't until I bought..., May 29, 2012
By adc...
It wasn't until I bought later editions of Field Notes (Red Blooded, National Crop) that I realized that this County Fair set has better card stock. Hard to describe, but the cover stock has a more gridded texture with some type of waxy coating, whereas other Field Notes I've purchased are just uncoated matte cardstock. Excellent colors, and since I'm a Californian, I have a special affinity for this set.