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I got one about a month...
April 22, 2013
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I got one about a month ago to take with me when I go backpacking and climbing. I used to bring a BIC pen or a pilot pen but they always broke and splotched ink all over my gear, I nicknamed my old backpack the Dalmatian because of this, and I got kind of tired of it. So I have not taken it backpacking or climbing yet but I have used it a bunch at school and it's pretty awsome. It writes really nicely and it's super tiny so it's not annoying to carry in my pocket. My only issue with it is that it sometimes doesn't begin to write immediately, for example if I wrote "Hi how are you" the first line on the H will be faint or non existent. Other than that though it is a great pen from my little bit of experience. I hope whoever reads this view has and awsome day, and remember every day is Earth Day not just today!
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